We recently expanded our range of shower chairs and shower cradles from industry leader Osprey. Osprey offer a wide range of shower aids for infant, paediatric and adult users with shower chairs featuring tilt in space functions, electric controls and much more. 

Ensuring patient safety and comfort during bathing, Osprey's range of showering aids makes it easier for the carer too with mobile, adjustable and easily controlled options on several of the models. For more independent users, the self-propelled shower chair affords an increased measure of dignity by allowing them to position and control their chair without the assistance of an attendant.

Children's Shower Chair

Available in the 510 Attendant Controlled and 500 Self Propelled versions, The 500 has all the features of Osprey 510 Children’s shower chair with the added feature of self-propelled rear wheels so users can easily manoeuvre themselves in the shower/ toilet area without the need for carers. Both models are available in 12" & 15" seat widths are are height adjustable.


Adult Shower Chair

Similar to the Children's range, the adult shower chairs are also available in 700 Self Propelled and 710 Attendant Controlled models. Osprey's shower chairs have been designed to allow users to shower and toilet in ease and comfort. Available in 3 standard sizes (17", 19" & 21"), 2 of which are Geberit/ wash dry toilet compatible the 710 is versatile and perfect for use in a multitude of situations. Both models have the option of a padded horseshoe or commode seat.


Tilt In Space

Tilt In Space functionality allows patients to recline in place, without placing additional stress on the back or hip, maintaining full body support during the recline. The Osprey 981 Tilt-In-Space Adult Shower Chair is a versatile and customizable solution for assisted bathing. With adjustable features such as the headrest, footrest, arms, height, and fabric tension, users can personalise their experience for maximum comfort. The chair also has a tilt function of up to 45 degrees, and comes with a variety of seat options and accessories. This modern Tilt-in-Space Shower chair is a great choice for both users and caregivers. The Osprey 900 Tilt-in-Space Shower Cradle is ideal for clients with very low levels of sitting balance or poor muscle tone. With a full seamless mesh, the cradle is fully adaptable and can be altered and adjusted to suit the user’s needs. 


The Tilt in Space range also includes electric controlled models, extra large, infant and paediatric versions.

820 Bath Cradle

A fixed Bathing Cradle designed to sit in the user’s bath and offers comfort and support throughout the bathing experience. The Osprey 820 Bathing Cradle can also be adapted for use with the Stabilo Smart range of mouldable support cushions which offer the user even higher levels of support. Featuring quick dry mesh and an optional floating headrest, the smooth mesh contours to the body's natural form.

Standish Shower Cradle

The Standish 800A fixed position shower cradle is designed for use while in the shower. The contoured frame and mesh offer optimum comfort and safety while being bathed by carers. Featuring lockable castor and lateral supports as standard, the 800a ensures patient welfare at all times.

These products are designed for use in the health care industry and we welcome enquiries from OTs, care homes and hospital trusts. Please contact us for quotations or further information.