Moving Life have released NEW ATTO Scooter Accessories for 2020

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The ATTO Scooter is the most advance folding mobility scooter on the market today. Moving Life are constantly improving its features and accessories to ensure you get the best experience.

We are a leading supplier of the ATTO scooter in the UK & Ireland and we offer free, no obligation home demos Nationwide.

Check out the new ATTO accessories below or you can shop on our online store here.

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ATTO Scooter Travel Bag


A protective cover, designed to safeguards ATTO from major breakage when traveling and to provide everyday protection from minor damages.

ATTO Scooter Underseat Storage Bag & Cushion


ATTO Scooter Underseat Storage Bag & Cushion.

Utilizes the free space under the seat for storage.

Offers extra seat cushioning and even doubles as sturdy hand carried carryall.

ATTO Scooter Backpack


ATTO Scooter Backpack

ATTO Backpack is a semi-rigid bag to carry all daily necessities, including laptop and spare ATTO battery.

It can be attached to the front handlebars, to the backrest, or simply carried as a backpack.

ATTO Mobile Phone Holder


ATTO Mobile Holder is a flexible size-adaptable mobile phone holder that attaches to the handlebar at an ideal operational height.

ATTO Scooter Essentials Pouch


ATTO Essentials Pouch carries your daily essentials including a spare ATTO Battery, it connects to your ATTO or carries as a sling.

ATTO Scooter Cable Kit


ATTO Cable Kit includes 4 original global cable types to safely and quickly charge ATTO no matter where one may be.

ATTO Scooter XL Battery Extended Range

ATTO Freedom Scooter Optional Extended Range Battery

XL battery for 27km range.

2 x 160Wh.

Airline friendly.

ATTO Folding Armrests

These are the armrests for the ATTO folding mobility scooter from Moving Life.

They can be retro fitted if you already have your ATTO folding mobility scooter easily.

They can help your positioning and they provide support for those who do require armrests.

Easy to fit and they compliment the great looks of the ATTO.

ATTO Crutch Holder

Crutch holder for the ATTO folding mobility scooter and is easily retro fitted if you already have this scooter.

This accessory allows you to place your crutch or walking stick safely while using your ATTO folding mobility scooter.

This is easy to fit!

ATTO Seat Cushion Red


Easy to fit to your ATTO scooter in seconds.

Comfortable and high quality fabric.

Complete with storage bag.

You must remove the cushion to fold your scooter.

ATTO Seat Cushion Blue

Easy to fit to your ATTO scooter in seconds.

Comfortable and high quality fabric.

Complete with storage bag.

You must remove the cushion to fold your scooter.

ATTO Freedom Folding Mobility Scooter


The ATTO is an amazing folding mobility scooter and is the most advanced folding mobility scooter available on the market today.

It features a unique splitting mechanism which makes it easy to store and to handle - the heaviest part is just 16kg!

It folds in seconds to the size of a trolley suitcase so is perfect for those looking for convenience or whilst travelling.

It can be brought on an aeroplane and fits snugly into the boot of your car.

An additional lifting handle now included as standard and it even has a USB port so you can charge your phone as you go!

It comes with a universal charger and a 10 mile range Lithium battery.

An airline battery safety certificate is included as standard.

Now with TWO year warranty (excluding battery)

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