The JOSI Octopus arms 'embrace' the user and provide anterior trunk support

We now supply the JOSI Octopus positioning system which is used to position the head and upper body of wheelchair users or those who use shell seats. The JOSI Octopus comes in a number of sizes to and is easy to mount and install. A headrest adapter is also available should it be required for the seat you are working with and this is also available in a number of sizes.

The arms of the JOSI Octopus can be held together at the front using the clasp and unique retraction retainers help it to fold backwards and click into place with hinges.

The arms can also be individually lowered and adjusted to offer optimum support and when the arms also allow for easy transfer in and out of the wheelchair or shell seat.

There are four sizes of the JOSI-Octopus available;

Size 0 - for neck sizes of up to 85mm

Size 1 - for neck sizes of up to 100mm

Size 2 - for neck sizes of up to 125mm

Size 3 - for neck sizes of up to 150mm

Depending on the wheelchair or seat this is being used with, you may require the universal headrest adapter and this is available as an accessory. If you need any help to ascertain if this is necessary - just call us on 028 92 67 70 77 and our helpful and friendly team will help in every way needed.

JOSI-Manta system information - used for fixing head position and can be used with JOSI-Octopus

The Manta is the device for fixing the head position and is easily mounted just using two screws. It is suitable for every size of Octopus and the universal size can be used with every head circumference. The ball clamping allows for individual adaptable mounting and is foldable in one piece by clicking into the hinges. It is available as either front positioning with pads or side positioning with pads. It is width adjustable with the 'wing bolt' and is certified as a medical device under EU directive 93/42/EEC

Manta front positioning:

Manta side positioning: