Jason collecting his new RGK Tiga Sub4

The Tiga Sub4 wheelchair is ultra-lightweight and weighs less than 4kg. It is made from aerospace grade aluminium and it includes completely new Sub4 upholstery. Jason is a previous user of the RGK brand and is upgrading to the Tiga Sub4 having used the Hilite for the last 10 years. 

Jason is a prime example of the quality and longtevity of the bespoke made to measure RGK. Every wheelchair from the brand is unique to the person. The wheelchairs are custom made and RGK designs and builds the product to fit the user perfectly. 

As you can see from the photograph Jason picked a nardo grey chair with purple accents and purple spinergy wheels.




Key Features

  • Made to measure
  • Less than 4kg guaranteed
    (excluding wheels and cushion)
  • Rigid and lightweight
  • Aluminium 7020 frame
  • Optimised hollow forged castor arm
  • Low profile cross braces
  • Optimised single tube design
  • Max user weight 110kg

When putting his new chair into the car Jason said 'my goodness that’s just ridiculously light.' The Tiga Sub4 weighs less than 4kg, which means there is less wear and tear on your shoulders when pushing it and transferring it in and out of your vehicle.

The weight saving improvements made to the Tiga Sub4 upholstry include a new mesh strap seat sling and backrest which are both adjustable and fitted with low-profile titanium buckles.  For added comfort the backrest also comes with an optimised air-tech centre pad.

Functional options

  • Compact wheel locks with lightweight mounting system
  • Lightweight Carbon fibre sideguards with fender and lightweight sideguard mounting system
  • Lightweight Carbon fibre footplate with weight saving hole
  • Titanium fasteners used throughout
  • Lightweight nylon footrest mount with ‘Easy Adjustment System’
  • Many non-certified wheelchair options available

Product Dimensions

What’s 'made to measure' means?

Made to measure is key to getting a wheelchair that not only fits you in size, but also gives you the best balance, comfort and posture. Getting these right will allow for complete trust in your wheelchair.

  • It helps redUce your risk of developing severe health problems and provideS optimum comfort with a frame size that’s built to you.
  • It Increase the wheelchairs efficiency, the chair is compact, manoeuvrable and practical.
  • It reduces the amount of energy required to propel.

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