Our latest toileting and hygiene products, delivering comfort, ease and dignity to users, from Italian manufacturer AllMobility. AllMobility's founders are disabled and put their experience and knowledge into developing products that they know will be of benefit.

Pro Lift Toilet Lift Seat


Complete assistance for sitting and lifting from the toilet. Prevents falls and reduces the risks of manual lifting by relieving the user’s legs, back and arms as well as the assistant from the strain of manual handling. Its movement faithfully reproduces the natural movements of the body, accompanying the ascent up to an angle of 40°. It allows users to regain independence in the bathroom environment, a fundamental aspect of personal serenity. The lift can be used on most standard WC shapes and sizes, and its compact dimensions allow it to be used even in confined spaces; the support feet have a range of 5 cm. The controls are intuitive and easily reached by the user, keeping their hand safely on the knob.

Key features

  • Does not require masonry work or laborious installation
  • Replaces the WC seat by means of fixing bar and slots
  • Mounted through the holes in the sanitary fitting and screws provided
  • Compact dimensions, special design and adjustable support feet
  • High adaptability, can be fitted on high, wall-hung and disabled WCs
  • Powered by rechargeable lithium-ion battery (in approx. 3 hours)
  • Illuminated controls on the right armrest as standard
  • Power button (ON/OFF) on the outside of the armrest
  • Movement buttons on the inside
  • Ergonomic, fold-down armrests for easy transfer
  • Armrests with soft, non-slip, warm material coating
  • Optional extras include toilet seat cover and feet extension kit to raise seat up to 8cm

Bagnoletto Portable Bed Bath System

Bagnoletto is the innovative system that provides the pleasure of a real bath. It ensures greater relief, both physically and mentally, safeguarding the primary goal of timely and accurate cleaning. If you take care of a bedridden person, you surely know the importance of physical and psychological well-being and supporting the normal biological functions and the daily care of the body. Even when the patient is not self- sufficient, it is essential to try to keep their hygienic habits unchanged, supporting cleansing and hydration.

The Bagnoletto system is unfolded and assembled around the patient, eliminating the need for hoists or lifts, saving stress for the patient and strain for the carer. Water is delivered via the hand operated pump and easily drained using the plugs and collapsible bucket included. For added hygiene measures and ease of cleaning, 10 disposable liners are included.

Key features

  • Complete system including Bagnoletto bed bath, 11ltr collapsible bucket, x10 disposable hygiene liners, hand-pump shower and storage back for transporting between patients.
  • It can be used directly on patient’s bed, avoiding any incorrect handling of the patient
  • It offers all the benefits of a complete bath
  • It improves the quality of care and hygiene operation
  • It allows the use of running water in any conditions or context
  • It does not need electricity
  • Suitable for any type of bed (even without sides)
  • Fast and easy to use


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