We take a closer look and review the iGo Fold - the new automatic folding electric wheelchair from Pride Mobility.

Pride Mobility have always offered high quality mobility solutions and have continued to add to the ever popular iGo range with the latest incarnation - the iGo Fold. This lightweight folding electric wheelchair opens and closes automatically with a simple touch of the easy to use key fob and is certainly a model worth considering if you need assistance in folding and unfolding your portable powerchair.

The automatic folding function offers great convenience and we think is particularly suited to users who might lack the strength or dexterity to manually open and close a folding electric wheelchair like this. One down side to the automatic folding function is the heavier weight involved but the iGo Fold is still under 28kg with the batteries removed.

It can still be lifted into the boot of the car if the boot is big enough but many users of this type of automatic folding powerchair have a boot hoist to do the heaving lifting. When it is folded it is just 63cm x 35.5cm x 77cm so is still very compact.

So what would this type of automatic folding electric wheelchair be used for?

The iGo Fold is perfect for use both indoors and outdoors and most people use this to get out and about, do their shopping, see friends and family when possible and getting around the house with greater ease.

The larger rear wheels help you navigate uneven pavements and smaller obstacles and will help absorb more of the shock generated by tree roots etc. It is not really designed for use on wet, muddy grass but if the terrain is firm and dry then you could certainly use this in the likes of your garden. Everything has its limits of course so you need to use your best judgement at all times.

What is the maximum user weight and how big is the iGo Fold?

The iGo GFold can carry a maximum user weight of 120kg / 18 stone 8llb which should make it a viable option for many people. When it is unfolded it is 43.3" (110cm) long, 24.4" (62cm) wide and has a turning radius of 25.59" (65cm).

When folded it is just 63cm x 35.5cm x 77cm.

Conclusion of iGo Fold review:

All in, this is a great option for anyone who needs an automatic folding electric wheelchair and all the convenience that it brings. It comes with all the build quality you would expect from Pride Mobility and is very comfortable to sit in and easy to use.

It allows you to get on doing whatever you enjoy without the hassle and stress of struggling to open and close anything manually.

If you have any specific questions about this model then our helpful and knowledgeable team are on hand to help - just call us on 028 92 67 70 77 for a chat anytime.