This is our ex display Ardoo Caresafe 140 folding travel hoist - and also includes the sit to stand kit which means this can be used as a stand assist device.

This is a great saving of over £600! The full RRP with the stand assist kit is £2175.00 and this model is in excellent condition and has never been outside of our mobility showroom in Lisburn, Northern Ireland.

The Ardoo CareSafe Hoist is a compact and versatile, small folding hoist designed to lift disabled users in and out of cars and converted vans.

Key Features

    • Can be used indoors and outdoors
    • Can be converted into a standing hoist
    • Hoists users in and out of most cars and kango style vans
    • Can be folded small enough to be placed in to a car boot
    • It can be taken on holiday and stored in the hold of the plane
    • Very small footprint, suitable for small spaces and bathrooms
    • It can lift a supine person from the floor
    • It can be erected and folded in under a minute

This model includes the stand assist kit but you can use this just as a hoist too;


It is a compact and versatile, small folding hoist designed to lift disabled users in and out of cars and converted vans.

The compact design also makes it the ideal choice of a travel hoist.  The CareSafe hoist can be used indoors and outdoors with ease and is even small enough to be fitted into a car boot.

With a one piece construction, this remarkable hoist can be erected or folded in less than 40 seconds, making it the ideal travel partner.  Use it to transfer a person into a car and lift them out into their wheelchair with ease.

The Ardoo Caresafe Hoist can also be converted into a standing transfer hoist for those users who can bear some weight.

The accessory that accompanies this comes as one piece and is complete with footplate and knee pad.

The old or previous stand aid accessory consisted of a plate that lay over the legs, and a knee pad attached to the hoist via a bracket on the mast of the hoise.

This converts the hoist into a standing hoist thus making it ideal for those users who's transfer needs change in line with their illness.

This hoist has been fully tested, is CE complaint and is patented since 09/04/2014.

Technical Specification

 Safe Working Load 140Kg (22 stone) (308 lbs)
   Total Weight 23 kg (3.6 stone) (51 lbs)
Overall Length (min to max) 1060-1100mm
Internal Width (min) 445mm
Maximum Overall Height (top of spreader bar) 1560mm
Spreader bar max height at max reach 1084mm
Spreader bar minimum height 705mm
Maximum Overall Height (top of mast) 1135mm
Turning Radius 1150mm
External Width (legs open/legs closed) 974mm /414mm
Battery Requirements 12V rechargeable sealed lead acid battery
Charger Capacity 2.0AH 24VDC Charger
Approximate charging time Approx 4 hours

Remember - we will deliver this free of charge to anywhere in the UK or Ireland ( exluding Highlands and Islands ).

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Ardoo 140 folding hoist - ex display model with saving of over £600!

Ardoo 140

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