We supply a range of Care home activity products designed for elderly people with dementia and Alzheimer's.

Make a real connection with older people with the dementia-friendly activity products including books, board games, CD's light exercise activities and much more.

Ideal for use in care homes or at home with your elderly relative, this range is excellent to help engagement and communication with the user as well as creating a sense of well being and bringing back memories from the past.

We have a wide range of products that have many benefits for dementia care and are fully endorsed by dementia care specialists.

Check out some of the featured products and their benefits below or shop the full range of Activity Products for elderly with dementia here.

You can give us a call on 028 92 67 70 77 to have a chat with our expert team if you have any questions at all and we will delighted to help.

Communication board


Communication board is a great additon to care homes and perfect for elderly with speech difficulties or dementia.

  • A simple, yet effective communication board provides immediate feedback from the user, allowing for more focused care and helping to minimise any misunderstandings and frustrations.
  • The images included illustrate emotional, social, personal care and health needs.
  • The user can either point to the picture that best describes their need or use the letter chart to spell out their message.

Number floor mat & question card set


Number floor mat & question card set is one of the favourite and fun quiz games with the elderly. 

  • Throw your bean bags onto the numbers and answer the question to practise numeracy skills.
  • Target throwing helps retain hand/eye coordination and is great to include as part of a gentle exercise programme for older people.
  • It is sociable, competitive & encourages conversation, often leading to reminiscing about play ground games from the past so is great for elderly with dementia.
  • Takes seconds to set up!

Activity blanket


This unique Activity Blanket was designed for people with a dementia like Alzheimer's keeps hands occupied and provides useful sensory stimulation.

  • People with dementia often have restless hands like to have something to keep them occupied.
  • This blanket not only keeps hands busy, it provides a wonderful source of visual, tactile and sensory stimulation and at the same time keeping knees snug and warm.
  • Ideal for older people living in care homes and makes a great gift for an older family member with dementia living in their own home.

Lightweight floor basketball


Lightweight floor basketball is perfect for care homes and nursing homes. 

  • Great light exercise for elderly and people with dementia and can be played while seated
  • Target throwing helps retain hand/eye coordination and is great for people with dementia often leading to reminiscing about play ground games from the past.
  • Great for group activities
  • Structure made from lightweight washable plastic. Netting fully washable fabric.
  • Size: (h) 63cm x 48cm (dia). Base: 62cm (dia).

Baby doll for dementia care


Doll therapy is a very effective part of dementia care and care specialists endorse the use of dolls to help create a sense of well being and the need to comfort and nurture.

This doll is a great size and equipped with fleecy clothing and a dummy attached.

Suitable for use in a care home or home environment for elderly with dementia.

Exercise CD for elderly - sit to fit


Sit to Fit excercise CD is a great way to get older people involved in some light exercise. 

  • A great addition to care homes and ideal for people with dementia.
  • A favourite for those who enjoy gentle seated exercise to music.
  • With clear instructions and an appropriate tempo make this CD suitable for all abilities.
  • Perfect for those who enjoy gentle seated exercise with a little background music to go with it .
  • Set to familiar music such as The Can-Can and The Blue Danube, everyone can join in and follow Julie's clear, empathetic instruction so is great for all abilities.

Chair Exercises include: 

Gentle shoulder circles, heel raises, seated marching and arm swings, all of which aim to help with mobility, self-confidence, and wellbeing.

Programme Listing:

  1. The Blue Danube - wake up and warm up
  2. The Can Can       - feet and ankles
  3. Gounod's Ballet   - hands and wrists
  4. Coppelia's Waltz  - arms and shoulders
  5. Liberty Bell         - circulation booster
  6. Get Rocking        - a lively workout
  7. Timeless             - stretch it out
  8. Morning              - relax and revitalise

Running time - approximately 50 minutes.

Feely Box


The Feely Box game is a great way to enagage with elderly people and those with dementia.

  • Unzip the bag at the back and fill with tactile objects for players to feel and guess what they are.
  • Ideal for care homes and brings lots of fun and laughs while stimulating the senses.
  • Add  the Feely box game to your list of Dementia activity ideas!

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