Beach Wheelchairs available throughout Ireland with FREE delivery from John Preston Healthcare Group.

Beach wheelchairs are innovative pieces of kit that allow anyone with limited mobility to enjoy the beach or any terrain that is difficult for a standard wheelchair to access.

They have been purchased in the past by private customers but we have seen an increase in local authorities investing in this type of equipment so that popular beaches in Ireland are accessible to all.

Although we aren't blessed with reliable weather in this part of the world, when the sun shines there are few better places to be than on one of our blue flag beaches and of course no-one should miss out on this due to disability or any issues with access.

Beach wheelchairs in Ireland Tel John Preston Healthcare Lisburn 00442892677077

We are the leading Beach Wheelchair supplier in Ireland and offer these beach wheelchairs with FREE delivery to anywhere in Ireland. Along with local authorities, we also supply these Beach Wheelchairs to hotels and other accommodation providers that are in close vicinity to a beach.

We supply the JOB range of beach wheelchairs in Ireland and these include massive wheels that are suitable for sandy terrain and are colourful. They can be dusted down easily and are very comfortable for the user.


We also supply a range of accessories including;

- Inflatable footrest

- Beach wheelchair armrests

- Beach wheelchair safety belt

- Beach wheelchair sun canopy

- Beach wheelchair third wheel option

- Beach wheelchair chest harness

We are a supplier to the NHS, HSE and many local authorities throughout Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland - you can contact us regarding the supply of your Beach Wheelchair in Ireland on 028 92 67 70 77 from Northern Ireland or 0044 28 92 67 70 77 from the Republic of Ireland.

We have been a family business in Ireland for almost 170 years so we know how to look after customers!

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Beach wheelchairs and equipment

Mobi-Chair® Floating Beach Wheelchair


Key Features

Maneuverability - provides easy mobility through sand, water and rough surfaces. It's rubber pneumatic tires absorb the shock and discomfort of rough ground.

Convenient Transport - Quickly assembled and disassembled by operating quick release pins. Can be easily fitted into any vehicle.

Comfortable and Aesthetics - Attractive fabric is non-allergenic, UV resistant, water resistant and ventilated for quick drying. Users are able to recline into a comfortable position.

Floatability - Armrests and wheels are comprised of floatation materials that enable balance while in the water. The handles on the armrests provide added great stability and safety.

Adjustable backrest - 3 positions

Detachable armrest

Folding frame aluminum frame & stainless fork and hardware, salt water resistant


Width             Length                Height               Weight

Chair Dim              42"                    60"                       50"                     66lbs

Seat Dim                18"                    17"                       19"                     300lbs (max load)

Front wheel   12" x 6-1/2» Rubber Pneumatic Tire*1 w/quick release

Rear wheel   16" x 7-1/2» Rubber Pneumatic Tire*2 w/quick release

Hippocampe floating beach wheelchair

all-terrain-wheelchair-northern-ireland folating-beach-wheelchair-northern-ireland



The Hippocampe is an all terrain / beach wheelchair that covers beaches, hiking trails, snowbound paths, and is ideal for getting over numerous obstacles.

This beach friendly wheelchair makes it possible for the user to go into the water and swim while the chair floats.

Proving popular with private customers and councils all over the world.

Available in a range of sizes and comes in two colours: Blue and Pink.


DeBug beach wheelchair

de-bug-beach-wheelchair de-bug-recline-beach-wheelchair tilt-in-space-beach-wheelchair

The De-Bug beach wheelchair provides a comfortable ride.Your body is properly supported in this chair.

De-Bug turns easily and quickly while users sit at a comfortable tilt  angle which may be adjusted.

Our De-Bug chairs may be scaled to fit any sized individual andmost every type of seating requirement may be accommodated.

A range of optional extras are available:

    • Tilt-in-space
    • Reclining feature
    • Elevating legrests
    • ...and a range of accessories.

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