BBraver wheelchair handrims are top of the range!

The BBraver wheelchair handrims have taken the USA by storm and are now available in the UK and Ireland with free delivery.

The BBraver handrims benefit from an exclusive ergonomic design with;

- Double sided grip

- Non slip surface on top and curved, smooth surface underneath

- Suitable for all user types and age grips

They are immediately comfortable and offer a 'natural grasp' - the asymetric profile fosters a more effective and natural hand grasp position. This allows you to propel with more force and will give you better handling of your wheelchair.

They attach to yur wheelchair using six connection points and are available in a range of colours to suit your individual tastes. There are three handrim / wheel spacing positions and are connected very easily and then adjusted to suit your own preferences.

This patent pending design are not only terrific to look at - they;
- Give a soft feel with shock absorption

- Give better grip than any handrim - the microporous material never gets slippy

- Help you travel further with every push

- Help you steer straighter and therefore safer

- Are anti-static so your hands stay cleaner

- Are easy to clean

- Are durable and impact resistant

They are also designed to be long lasting and to provide optimum grip.

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