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JCM Triton Seating System – assessments throughout North & South of Ireland.

Triton is the most versatile, modular seating system on the market today.

Triton offers individuals who have extensive and complex seating and postural needs the opportunity to get active with others and their surroundings.

Its unique combination of design, form and functionality is underpinned by years of experience, continuing development and a commitment to helping children and young people, adults and their respective carers achieve greater levels of independence.

Triton makes a real difference to users’ lives – enabling them to experience a wider range of activities.

Available from infant to adult.

The versatile modular design enables you to build Triton to any size and specification.

Triton accommodates clients with basic through to complex needs.


Every user is different with unique needs. The Triton has great new features, including the detachable back and leg rests, it is quick and easy to configure and provides a seating system to meet the exact specification of the end user.

Available with or without dynamic seating options.

Standard features include:

• Removable backrest
• Multi directional sacral pad
• Adjustable seat length
• Adjustable back height
• Width adjustment
• Back angle adjustment
• Adjustable angle leg rest mounting
• Removable footplate
• Choice of flat, ramped or contoured seat cushion



Base options:

JCM’s bases are fitted with a unique 3 point locking interface which provides maximum stability and facilitates a quick and easy transfer.

Whatever your requirements we offer a combination which is tailor-made to suit your needs.


Mobility bases


The Triton seating system can be easily mounted onto a range of mobility bases, depending on the users needs.

For tilt in space wheelchairs, the Triton can be used on the Zippie RS, which offers 45° of tilt and the Quickie Iris, offering 55° of intelligent rotation in space technology.

The Triton can also be used on powerchair bases, such as the Zippie Salsa M2 Mini, the world’s narrowest mid wheel drive powerchair, which offers 30° tilt as an extra option.

Triton Dynamix

Available as an option on both the back and footplate. The unique dynamic back is easily adjusted to control the level of resistance the user feels as they extend in the chair.

Air pressure controlled – the back moves in harmony with the user rather than pushing them forward as they relax.

Controlled, gentle movement with the flexibility to adjust the system as the user grows or presents differently.

The dynamic option in the footplate allows the footplate to move slightly in any direction, improving sensory experience whilst at the same time creating a more robust footprint for those heavy users, helping to ensure their position is maintained and helping to increase longevity in the product.

Triton sizes

Seat Width: Size 0: 260mm Size 1: 315mm Size 2: 395mm Size 2L: 395mm Size 3: 475mm
Seat Depth: Size 0: 150 – 275mm Size 1: 200 – 350mm Size 2: 300 – 450mm Size 2L: 415 – 565mm Size 3: 415 – 565mm
Back height: Size 0: 290 – 375mm Size 1: 300 – 440mm Size 2: 390 – 560mm Size 2L: 480 – 680mm Size 3: 480 – 680mm
Back Recline: Sizes 0, 1, 2 & 3: -5 to 40 degrees. Size 2L: -5 to 25 degrees
Seat Height: 420 – 810mm
Seat Tilt: -15 to 25 degrees
Max. User Weight:                      Size 0: 41kg (compact base) 46kg Size 1: 60kg Size 2: 60kg Size 2L: 80kg Size 3: 80kg
Total Weight: Size 0: 11kg Size 1: 14.5kg Size 2: 19.1kg Size 2L: 19.1kg Size 3: 22.5kg

Speak to a Product Specialist

Gary Allen

Product Specialist
028 92 677 077
The JCM Triton specialist child seat is available in Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland through our product specialist, Gary Allen here at John Preston – based in Lisburn.
Every child is different with unique needs so our expert team will deal directly with to ensure that you get the correct seat ordered and delivered.

JCM Triton Specialist Seating System


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