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These Sealed Lead Acid "Maintenance Free" batteries have excellent performance results, are suitable for most Mobility Scooters. Prices in singles but please bear in mind all mobility scooters run on 2 batteries!
You can check your scooters battery size by either locating them in your manual or by removing either the battery case or scooter canopy, the size required will be clearly stated on the actual battery. You can always call our helpful staff if you need any help in locating the correct size.
We recommend that you always replace both batteries at the same time as in most cases both batteries will need replaced.
The most common batteries are 12v 12Ah for small scooters, 12v 29Ah for mid sized scooters and 12v 39Ah for larger road legal scooters, however we can supply any size of mobility scooter battery, please call for details

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