As the days are getting brighter (and hopefully a bit drier) our thoughts turn to the outdoors. Let's get into Cycling Season!

John Preston offers a wide range of all inclusive cycling equipment for adults and children including special needs trikes, recumbent handcycles, tandem cycles, wheelchair attachment hand cycles & Wheelchair bicycles. We want our customers and their families the freedom to explore and engage outdoors and our product specialists can offer free home assessments and demonstrations to help find the right cycling solution to suit their needs.

Many of our trikes, bikes and wheelchair cycling attachments are eligible for VAT relief and we also offer the cycle to work scheme, helping you save money and get on your bike!

Let's look at some of our bestselling favourites.

Tomcat Trikes

Tomcat special adapted trikes are custom-built solely for the rider and our fully trained Product Specialists will take the time with the order, their family and their health professional to ensure the correct trike is chosen

Tomcat Fizz

The Tomcat Fizz Trike is designed to meet the needs of both children and adults with mild to severe disabilities, whether physical, visual or learning difficulties.

Tomcat Silver Bullet

A versatile, multi-speed trike for leisure, shopping and everyday use. The Silver Bullet is a road trike for riders with mild to profound and multiple disabilities. Suitable for teenagers through to adults. The Silver Bullet is an outstandingly versatile 5-speed machine that is ideal for shopping and everyday use, but lightweight, fast, and comfortable enough for sports and leisure too

Tomcat Tiger

The Tomcat Tiger Trike is designed specifically to match the narrow pelvis of small children and each trike custom-built to meet individual needs. It can be built to be quite simple, or to be supportive depending on the rider. Additionally, the rider can be independent or they can be supervised.

Van Raam

Van Raam is a manufacturer of special needs bicycles and is specialized in the production of tricycles, the mobility scooter bike, low step-through bicycles or comfort bikes, the walking aid, side-by-side tandem bikes, tandem bikes, wheelchair bikes and transport bikes. 

Van Raam Mini Tricycle

The Van Raam Mini tricycle is designed for children who need additional comfort and support. The lightweight and sturdy frame is easy to manoeuvre and the fixed gear allows the rider to reverse and slow without using the brake lever. 

Van Raam Easy Rider Tricycle

The Easy Rider tricycle for adults is clearly different from other tricycles. It has a unique frame with low step through and a stable lower sitting position.The low centre of gravity, seating with a back support and steering in front give the rider a safe and secure feeling.

Di Blasi

The folding tricycles  from Di Blasi are designed for people who have minor mobility or balance problems, and do not want to give up the freedom of movement and the pleasure of moving independently with a pedal vehicle

Di Blasi R34 Electric Folding Scooter

Di Blasi Electric folding trike is equipped with an electric auxiliary motor, which helps pedaling especially when going uphill. The Di Blasi R34 folding electric tricycle has a unique mechanism that folds into a cube in seconds.

Di Blasi R32 Folding Trike

Di Blasi R32 folding trike has a low central step through making it easy for the user to get on and off the trike.



Hase Bikes is a German manufacturer of unique bikes founded in 1994 & the company is still guided by its founding spirit and a strong passion for good design.
HASE BIKES’ heart belongs to delta trikes, which offer incomparable riding enjoyment, together with a high level of safety. The trikes in the HASE BIKES’ portfolio range from sporty standard models and comfortable e-trikes to highly addictive offroaders and cool adaptive trikes for kids.

Hase tandems, trikes and bikes are approved medical devices as per the European Directive (2017/745) MDR (Medical Device Directive)

The Lepus is designed for comfort, offering easy mounting, an elevated seat and an easy to fold frame. The seat height, adjustable from 22½ to 25 inches (57-63 cm), gives you an excellent view of traffic. The Lepus's high seat position also lets you pedal comfortably downwards – and ensures that you will see and be seen in traffic. The Lepus delta trike has a low step over frame making it easy to mount and dismount; just lower yourself onto the seat from the side and lift one leg over the low frame.


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