There is no better time for everyone to enjoy a bike ride in Scotland!

Over £38 million has been allocated for pop up infrastructure including new cycle lanes in Scotland.

The Spaces for People initiative in Scotland has allocated over £38 million pounds to local authorities in Scotland for pop up walking and cycling infrastructure. Widened pavements and temporary cycle lanes have been critical in Covid times to help with social distancing but the health and enjoyment benefits are here to stay.

This has helped everyone maintain a two metre distance as much as possible and has helped to increase the amount of people cycling in Scotland. According to Cycling Scotland, there was a 44% increase in cycling in July 2020 and this is compared to the same month in previous years. In some areas there was an increase of over 100% as people got outside more and enjoyed all the fun that a bike ride offers.

Feeling safe and having more space when cycling is an obvious help to anybody, never mind cyclists with mobility challenges or additional needs so this infrastructure has been welcomed by so many of our all ability cyclists.

Cycling Scotland monitoring and development officer Natalie Cozzolino said: “We were concerned that the progressive lifting of many lockdown restrictions would lead to a big drop in the number of people cycling so it’s encouraging to see that although there’s been a decrease in July, the nation’s renewed interest in cycling is still continuing. By the end of the year, we will have a better understanding of the medium-term impact of COVID-19 on cycling in Scotland. Continued action is needed more than ever to support an increase in cycling.”

“We want to encourage more people across Scotland to discover the lasting benefits of riding their bikes and to help tackle the climate emergency we face. Better cycling infrastructure (especially bike lanes separated from traffic), giving more people access to bikes and training and enabling people to store their bike safely are four critical elements if this increase in people cycling is to continue.”

This recent fund has now closed but the focus remains on the existing permanent cycling infrastructure in Scotland and capitalising on the temporary measures that have recently been put in place.

Ultimately the hope is that through improved infrastructure - the amount of people enjoying cycling will increase and the volume of bike rides by those people will increase also.

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