What are the best mobility scooters available in 2020? Let's hit pause on this strange year and take a look at the most impressive mobility scooters available on the market today.

Firstly, there is no one single perfect all round mobility scooter! Anyone who tells you otherwise is not taking into account your unique needs. No-one has the exact same requirements, challenges and expectations so thankfully there are a host of options depending on the type of mobility scooter you need.

We have split up our review of the best mobility scooters of 2020 into a number of different categories;

  • Best lightweight splittable mobility scooters of 2020
  • Best folding mobility scooters of 2020
  • Best road legal mobility scooters of 2020
  • Best off road all terrain mobility scooters of 2020

What have we taken into account when reviewing what we think are the best mobility scooters available today?

  • Do they do what they are supposed to do?
  • Performance and range
  • Build quality
  • Innovation and design
  • Reliability
  • Cost

What should you take into account when researching your new mobility scooter? 

It is vital that you choose the right type of mobility scooter for your unique needs. You must take into account any mobility challenges that you have and consider how this will affect how you can operate your mobility scooter along with handling it and storing it.

Do you need your mobility scooter to go into your car? If so, can you lift various sections of a splittable boot scooter or folding travel scooter? Do you need to consider a car hoist to lift it into and out of your car boot?

Where will you store your mobility scooter? Have you enough room inside your house or somewhere suitable in your garage or shed etc? Is that a suitable place in regards to cold and frost etc?

What sort of range and performance do you need? Some people just need something to get around the shops and flat ground in their local area while others need airline approved lightweight travel scooters that are ideal for going abroad.

Some users need to drive on the road, some people need to get up rough and tough terrain in the countryside and some people even need a fully enclosed mobility scooter.

So taking all of these things into account - here are our top picks for the best mobility scooters available on the market in the UK and Ireland in 2020!

Best lightweight splittable boot mobility scooter of 2020 - the Alumina

Our all round top pick for the best lightweight splittable mobility scooter so far in 2020 is the Alumina!

This new generation of lightweight boot scooter is powered by a Lithium battery and features a super lightweight aluminium chassis - meaning the heaviest piece is a mere 10kg! We found this much lighter than other comparable boot scooters that you separate before placing into the boot of your car.

The various sections come apart just like most other scooters in this category but the thoughtful design and the lightweight nature really is a game changer for us. This is just perfect for anyone who needs portability and needs to have their scooter in the car to enjoy parks, promenades, the shops and everything else that you need to do.

The suspension gives good comfort but if you need to tackle any serious terrain then you need to consider wheel size and ground clearance - even though the ground clearance is actually generous when looking at comparable models.

The standard model that is a bit more popular gets you a good range of 15 miles but if you needed more range then the Alumina Pro has all the same features but gives you a bigger range of 30 miles in total.

Getting on and off the Alumina scooter was really straight forward thanks to the swivel seat and movable armrests. It comes in just one colour which is less than other scooter models but the silver / grey is clean and crisp and this scooter shows an obvious high standard of build quality.

It sits right in the middle of the price ranges and really ticked every box and did everything we expected it would do. This along with the lightweight design makes it our overall best pick in this category and we expect the Alunina scooter to just continue to grow and grow in popularity in the coming years.


A close second for best lightweight splittable boot scooter goes to the Lithilite Pro

Lithilite Pro review scooter

The Lithilite Pro splittable mobility scooter is the new generation of lightweight boot scooters that are powered by a Lithium battery. Lithium power is here to stay for mobility scooters as the benefits are clear - you get more power and range for less weight.

There are actually two models in the Lithilite range but the Pro just tips the scales for us due to the enhanced range of 27 miles - more than sufficient for most users.

The tidy design is very functional and it is very easy to control and operate. It splits apart into five pieces so you can lift it into the boot of your car and the heaviest part is just 15kg - doable for many people.

It is perfect for anyone who needs to get around the shops or their local area and the suspension definitely helps to provide a smoother and more comfortable ride. If you need to tackle heavy or rough terrain you are best at considering something else however.

There is an airline approved battery available too should you be lucky enough to be travelling on any airline any time soon but we found the off board charging and adjustability of the seat and armrests to really help offer an excellent all round boot scooter.

The build quality is excellent and the manufacturer is renowned for reliability.

Price wise it sits comfortably in the middle bracket so is a worthwhile investment for the performance you will get. It is often the case that clever and functional design is overlooked for flashy quirks but the Lithilite Pro does exactly what it is supposed to do without breaking the bank.

A welcome addition to our range in 2020 and already a leading contender for one of our most popular scooters of 2020.

Key features

  • Easy to dismantle
  • Heaviest part to lift is 15kg
  • Equipped with lithium-ion battery (delivered optimised performance and impressive charging time)
  • Front & rear suspension providing you with comfort over bumpy and uneven terrain
  • Height adjustable swivel seat
  • Adjustable armrests
  • Off board charging
  • Airsafe battery available
  • Shopping basket
  • Anti tippers

Best folding mobility scooter of 2020 - It is still the ATTO from Moving Life!

ATTO scooter test drive in Scotland

There is still nothing that competes with the ATTO folding mobility scooter and it remains in our opinion the best folding travel mobility scooter of 2020. The looks and design of the ATTO were so ahead of their time a few years ago that even after being on the market for the last three to four years, the ATTO still looks fresh, modern and supremely cool.

It doesn't look like any other mobility scooter but don't be fooled by its clever good looks - the ATTO does exactly what it is meant to do - and more.

The initial concept is to be a lightweight folding scooter and it achieves this by clever design. It folds in a matter of seconds to the size of a luggage case and splits apart just as quickly into two pieces- the heaviest piece weighing 15kg.

The portability of the ATTO is incredible and it is a real doddle to place it into the boot of your car. The manufacturer have continued to release some great accessories for storage and comfort cushions and have also been able to recently increase the maximum user weight to 120kg

We have users who have literally travelled the world on their ATTO and the build quality and craftmanship is of the highest order. We rarely receive notification of any issues other than damage caused by third parties so it has to be considered as one of the most reliable scooters in our range.

Price wise it is not a budget product but it is also not the most expensive scooter and we consider that the functionality, looks and performance of the ATTO make it tremendous value.

Key Features:

  • ATTO can be folded in just 12 seconds!
  • ATTO splits apart for easy lifting into your car (heaviest part 16kg )
  • ATTO comes with an airline approval certificate
  • Innovative and attractive 3 wheel design
  • Excellent turning circle for use in confined areas and on board cruise ship
  • Puncture free, foam filled tyres
  • Tiller easily adjusts to your preference with adjustable handlebar height, tiller angle and handlebar angle.
  • Minimum Recommended user height 150cm
  • Lightweight, strong Aluminium frame
  • Easy controls including changing to reverse mode when needed
  • Airline friendly Lithium battery recharges in super quick 3-4 hours

The eFOLDi folding mobility scooter is award winning

We have to also mention the amazing eFOLDi folding mobility scooter as this is such a good product for anyone looking for portability, lightweight design and great performance.

It comes with great pedigree after wowing the likes of Sir Richard Branson for its innovative folding design. It still manages to give you a great range of 14 miles while only weighing 17kg!

If you enjoy your travelling or need something compact for your car or storage then this one piece folding scooter is well worth considering. The standard battery is not airline approved so you will also need to get the air safe battery if travelling abroad by plane. This smaller battery gives a range of just over 4 miles.

It performs well on uneven ground and even of cobblestones but if you need something off road then there are better suited models out there. If you also need easier access on to your scooter or additional support in the seat the eFOLDi might not be best suited - in comparison to a larger scooter with a captain type swivel chair.

Price wise it is not an entry level scooter but it does offer serious value for money considering the compact portability that the innovative design brings.

Best road legal mobility scooter of 2020 - The TGA Breeze S4

The Breze S4 from TGA keeps it place as our pick as the best road legal mobility scooter of 2020. It has proven its reliability and performance claims and remains as one of the highest quality scooters on the market today.

If you can't avoid driving your mobility scooter on the road then you need to feel that your scooter is built for the job - and the Breeze S4 certainly is. It gives a great solid feel to your journey and the optional canopy is great for shielding you from the elements when needed.

It comes of course with all of the features you would expect from a road legal scooter and actually performs very well off road in some rougher and tougher conditions. The big bulky wheels are complimented with excellent tyres that provide grip and traction and the standard battery gives you a large range of 20 miles. That should suffice for most people but there is a heavy duty battery also available to give you up to 30 miles if required.

Clearly any user of this scooter will need to have adequate storage space and the need to leave directly from home as there is no chance that this will fit into any car!

The big captain style swivel seat is super comfy and definitely gives you a very comfortable ride and the maximum user weight is a generous 31 stone. There are a couple of new safety features too such as the energy absorbing bumpers - these also prevent any lateral movement whilst you are driving.

All in all, it comes with all of the build quality you would expect from TGA and is at the higher end of the price points but you are getting a serious machine for this investment.

A great all rounder and it will take something special to come along to knock it off its perch.

Best off road all terrain mobility scooter of 2020? Meet the TGA Vita X!

Just like its stable mate the Breeze S4 - the Vita X from TGA packs a serious punch. It performs magnificently off road and on tough terrain and every element of the design has taken this all terrain approach. From the thicker off road tyres to the tremendous suspension to the luxurious racing style swivel seat - this thing can help you enjoy lots of other places that a normal mobility scooter simply couldn't handle.

That's not to say that it doesn't do well on the road too - it gives you a great sense of stability whilst driving and just like all of the TGA range, the build quality and reliability really is top class.

Many people are struck by the striking design of the Vita X. The futuristic lines and sleek appearance gives an appearance of something special and although not the cheapest scooter on the market - it gives you so much bang for your buck that it has o be considered to be a bargain.

Just like all road scooters in its class, the Vita X gets you to 8 mph and has all the features need for safe and legal road use. The range is a hefty 25 miles and it can carry a maximum user weight of 25 stone.

The display is modern and crystal clear and the speed and reverse throttles on both sides give you great control. All in all, the TGA Vita X is a remarkable off road all terrain mobility scooter and anything else will do well to dislodge it from this coveted space.