Heart Defibrillator's in Northern Ireland are supplied by John Preston Healthcare Group in Lisburn with free delivery throughout the UK and Ireland.

We are a registered NHS supplier and have been a family business in Ireland since 1846. We supply Heart Defibrillators to businesses, sports clubs and teams in Belfast and throughout the whole of Ulster. Our part of the world is unfortunately all too well aware of how valuable a heart defibrillator can be and many communities here have endured tragic times.

Our most popular Heart Defibrillator is the Mediana A15 AED which is supplied with a training video - any club or team should of course also seek professional medical training as part of the process of introducing a defibrillator to a community.

The Mediana AED comes ready to use with the pads already connected. This innovative system uses voice prompts to aid the user and a clear LED light system provides guidance as it is being used. This system can be used with both children and adults and has a built-in safety system that prevents it being used when the patient does not require it. The battery has a two year shelf life and will last five years in stand by mode.

We stock these and will deliver free to you anywhere in the UK or Ireland. You can buy these easily using the link below and contact our Product Specialists on 028 92 67 70 77 if you have any queries or questions at all.

Mediana A15 HeartOn AED

Key features

  • Cover protected icon sheet, shock button, adult/paediatric mode switch.
  • Connecting socket defibrillator pads connector socket. The pads are always ready to use.
  • Speaker acoustic indicator for real time guidance.
  • Visual icons led indicator lights flash with the corresponding voice prompts. Visual icons clarify the necessary actions.
  • Adult/paediatric switch easily switch from adult to paediatric mode without changing the pads.
  • Ir port ir communication port between pc and AED.
  • Battery disposable limno2 non-rechargeable. 2yrs shelf life, 5yrs standby life.
  • Pads two-in-one electrode (adult/paediatric).
  • Status indicator unit status, battery level status, and temperature range status.
  • Shock button flashing button indicates “ready for shock delivery.” Push the button to deliver shock.
  • Open switch slide the switch to the right to open the cover. Unit automatically turns on.
  • Sd card insert review stored data and software upgrade.