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The range of Heartway Scooters includes Heartway folding mobility scooters through to Heartway road legal mobility scooters.

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TGA Minimo Mobility Scooter


The TGA Minimo is the latest model to join the TGA range of mobility scooters. Manufactured by Heartway to the same build quality as the Vita and Aviator models, the Minimo is the best quality folding scooter on the market. Like the Luggie and the Mobie scooters, the Minimo car boot scooter is aimed at those users who want to be able to lift their scooter into the car but do not want to have to dismantle it into pieces to do so. The Minimo folds in easily in mere seconds. Weighing in at 24 kgs and with a maximum carrying capacity of 18 stone, the Minimo can be easily lifted in and out of a car boot. With a top speed of 4 mph and an impressive range of 12 miles, the Minimo will challenge both the Luggie and the Mobie for dominance in this class of scooter.

Key features

  • Folds in seconds
  • Highly portable
  • No need to dismantle
  • Tight turning circle
  • Excellent range
  • Choice of Colours
  • Optional Ultra light quick charge Lithium Ion Battery available
  • Travel Bag available to help protect in transit

TGA Minimo Plus 4 Folding Wheel Mobility Scooter

What is the difference between the Minimo, the Minimo Plus and the Minimo Plus 4?

Both ‘Plus’ models have the same compact size and simple folding design as the award winning Minimo, Plus features normally only found on much larger scooters making them the perfect everyday companion for everyone who values their independence. The only difference between the Minimo Plus and the Minimo Plus 4 is the configuration of the wheels. The Minimo Plus has 4 wheels but the front two are positioned close together so it looks and behaves like a more agile 3 wheel scooter. The Minimo Plus 4 also has 4 wheels but the front two are spaced further apart. So its configuration is the same as a normal 4 wheeled scooter giving more stability. The TGA Minimo Plus is powered by an ultra-modern lithium battery so is very lightweight and easily lifted with just one finger. The battery is easily removed so you can charge it separately from the main unit which can remain in your car boot. The seat is easily removed so that the unit is even lighter to lift and place in the boot of your car - this option is not available on the standard TGA Minimo.It also provides a rider weight capacity accomodating users weighing up to 115kg (250lbs). The Minimo Plus folding car boot scooter delivers the ultimate driving experience and pushes mobility to a new level through the latest in assistive design. The sturdy pneumatic tyres provide a smoother, more comfortable ride and extra range when compared to solid tyres . These tyres are combined with larger 228mm (9”) rear alloys so the Minimo Plus chassis provides a higher ground clearance of 70mm (2.8”). Fitted as standard with the reliable 70amp S-Drive controller and a 4 pole 270w motor the Minimo Plus has added performance whilst the Minimo’s market-leading manoeuvrability is retained. The Lithium-ion battery ensures a range of up to 12.5 miles (20km) on a single charge.

The unlocking levers are quick to engage and once folded, Minimo can be effortlessly wheeled into position around the home.

  • Folds in a single simple movement, effortlessly activated by one hand
  • Ultra lightweight 3Kg lithium-ion battery can be easily removed for off-board charging
  • 4mph (6.4km) top speed with a range up to 12.5 miles (20km)
  • Reliable 270w motor and powerful 70amp S-Drive controller
  • 115kg (18stone) user weight capacity
  • Spacious floor well and ergonomic tiller
  • Enhanced driving experience through its numerous additional features.

TGA Maximo Mobility Scooter


The TGA Maximo is the newest member of the TGA family of folding scooters offering a great product that is easy to transport and loaded with lots of great features. It can be stored without having to dismantle any part of it and the small, compact size means that it is easily folded - in fact this can be done in just one easy motion.

Despite its longer and wider chassis, the Maximo can be easily stored in the boot of a hatch back, estate car or 4x4. The Maximo ‘ride’ is one of the smoothest available through active, all-round suspension and pneumatic tyres. Its anti-tip castors also ensure safety and stability when tackling uneven surfaces and the Maximo has an impressive user weight capacity of 21 stone (133kg). The powerful 270w motor and high quality S-Drive controller provide exceptional performance with a range of up to 12.5 miles (20km). When charging is required the battery can be easily removed by the user. The Maximo incorporates many additional features that elevate it above other competitor products. From high visibility, low energy LED lights to a folding seat, the Maximo combines an impressive range of characteristics – all engineered with a precision, quality finish.

  • Folds in a single simple movement
  • Higher 133kg (21st) user weight capacity
  • Ultra-lightweight lithium battery as standard 2.65kgs (5.85lbs)
  • 4mph top speed with range of up to 12.5 miles (20km)
  • Independent, active front suspension
  • High grade, pneumatic tyres and alloys
  • Highly reliable 270w motor and 70ah S-Drive controller
  • Spacious floor well
  • Height adjustable ergonomic tiller
  • Folding seat with height adjustable armrests
  • High visibility, low energy LED lights

TGA Vita E Mobility Scooter