Burnett vacuum supports available in UK and Ireland

Mouldable to suit any body shape or size.

Our range includes options for car seats, buggies, wheelchairs, chairs and baths and all are available throughout the UK and Ireland with FREE delivery.

The product features beads and uses the ‘ mold and hold ‘ principle which makes it very comfortable.

How it works?

The burnett system consists of a sealed casing filled with micro beads. The beads, with air, flow to the users shape and create a mould. Extracting air from the system causes the casing to contract and the beads come together to form a mould.


The burnett system provides postural support in a wide range of areas - seating, bathing, showering, therapy and sleep systems.

Simple but effective

Burnetts simple design makes it easy to use. Moulding is carried out handfree so the client can be supported. The system maintains it shape at room temperature with simple weekly maintenance. Very lightweight at 3kg.

Go anywhere solution

The Burnett system can be transported between seating platforms making it extremely versatile and adaptable.

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Burnett buggy support


The Burnett buggy insert range provide support solutions to suit most prams, all terrain buggies and other child carrying devices. If leant against a stable surface they can also be used as floor sitting aids.

They are also able to be used within car seat moulds, provided the inner padding is removed.

Strap holes can be added on specials for 4/5 point harnesses.

Burnett car seat support

  • Go anywhere solution
  • Simple to use
  • Handfree moulding
  • Burnett car seat support moulds to the users shape
  • Sealed welded casing filled with micro beads
  • Available in a range of shapes and sizes

Burnett Premier Full Body Chair Vaccum Support


From RBF's range of body supports comes the Burnett Body Support for children and adults is designed to help postural development, and providing seating support, thus allowing the user to concentrate on other activities.

The Burnett Body Support  is a supportive seating system that provides optimum postural development.

This listing is for the full chair support with flared seat. Ideal for wheelchairs, pushchairs and dining chairs etc.

Available in 3 sizes - Infant, Junior and Adult.   If you dont already have a pump you will have to order one at same time to operate the system

Product Features

  • Vacuum moulded
  • Mirrors the body profile
  • Comfortable & supportive


  • Infant - 305mm flared seat 762 x 736 mm
  • Junior - 355mm flared seat 1067 x 889 mm
  • Adult -  457 mm flared seat 1220 x 1143 mm

Burnett Junior Bath Seat with Full Body Support

The Burnett vacuum supports are available in a range of sizes for the bath, commode and shower. There are 3 styles available within the range.
The vacuum supports featuring beads and the mould and hold principle, the self regulating type offering a free flow bead system which aids comfort and foam based pads for comfort and protection.
The supports are completely waterproof and are able to be disinfected with chlorinated solutions.
All feature suction cups with a unique safety release mechanism. As with all burnetts bespoke product versions can be created.

Burnett Sleep System

  • The all new Burnett sleep system is available in both flat or wedge shaped styles.
  • The system uses the mould and hold principle as with all Burnetts with the product being set up in 3 zones to allow the product to be moulded more accurately for precise positioning.
  • The sleep system can assist in supine and side lying.
  • Supplied with breathable waterproof 2 way stretch covers and the option of a memory foam mattress topper for high risk pressure care.