This handheld travel Bidet has a rechargeable battery with USB charger!

A new era in convenience for handheld portable travel bidets.

The new travel bidet from Bio Bidet is the TP200 and this should definitely be your must-have travel accessory - keeping you fresh and clean on the go and offering an innovative USB charging port so you can charge it up on the go in your car or using a USB wall socket plug.

From public restrooms to your travels, stay clean and comfortable with the dual speed options (regular and soft) and easily refillable water reservoir.

The TP200 features: rechargeable battery with USB charger, 230ML reservoir, dual pressure control, and a convenient carrying case.


  • Fill and Use
  • Built in battery with USB charger. More pressure and longer life.
  • Dual Pressure Control
  • Tap and Store
  • Angled nozzle for easy use
  • Full size reservoir - 230ml
  • Use tap water
  • Convenient carrying case included


The nozzle is angled and the built in reservoir holds 230ml - you can just use tap water so again this is very convenient and simple to use.

It comes with a 12 month warranty and is a bargain at just £54.99 - we also offer free delivery on this to anywhere in the UK or Ireland.

Durable, Portable and Affordable

The TP200 is easy to use and store with the 230ml water reservoir.

Simply insert the TP200 into the reservoir to store it or fill the reservoir with tap water for a quick and easy clean.

The TP200 has two water pressures instead of the standard single pressure. For sensitive users, use the soft wash mode and those looking for a satisfying clean can use the strong wash.

To select your desired speed, you simply have to press down gently on the power button for the soft wash and press down all the way for the strong wash.

With dual speed.

The storage case doubles as the 230ml water reservoir making the TP200 compact and easy to store.

The nozzle is also attached and stored within the TP200 itself so there is no risk of misplacing or losing it. With its sleek, cylindrical shape the TP200 is comfortable to hold and aim for the perfect wash.

Two sets of nozzle holes evenly disperse the water for a thorough cleaning experience.

Rechargeable Battery with USB Charge

The TP200 has a USB chargeable battery so it can be charged from any computer, wall plug, and even in your car (with adapter)!

Because it is USB charged, the TP200 has a longer battery life compared to regular battery powered travel bidets and also provides more water pressure due to the larger battery capacity.

The TP200 comes supplied with a USB cord for charging.

Never find yourself stranded without a bidet.

The Palm Travel Bidet comes with :

  • 230 ml bottle with airlock
  • Dual speed control
  • Angled nozzle with double holes
  • Convenient carrying case
  • Rechargeable battery with USB charger

Controlled water pressure with airlock

You are able to determine if you want more or less water pressure simply by only using your hands.

The built-in air lock located at the base of the TP-200 prevents unwanted leakage simply by placing your finger over it.

To begin cleaning, remove your finger from the air lock as you turn on pressure button. It’s that quick and easy

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Buy this travel hand held Bidet online

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