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Our dedicated Product Specialists are on hand to help advise what type of lightweight active wheelchairs are available to you in Northern Ireland and throughout Ireland as a whole.

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RGK Octane Sub 4 ultra lightweight rigid wheelchair


The first made to measure titanium wheelchair fro RGK guaranteed under 4kg.

RGK took the classic Octane design and redefined it even further by combining Sub4 technology with a hand crafted made to measure titanium grade 9 frame.

Resulting, in an ultra-lightweight and rigid wheelchair that is perfectly designed to fit you and your lifestyle!

Key features 

No corrosion - Titanium will not rust and is very resistant to corrosion and salt water. Perfect for adventures out and about.

Smooth ride - The frame has a natural in-built shock absorption to soak up road vibration, which means that it will deliver a super-smooth and comfortable ride quality like no other.

Durability - A titanium frame has a far greater ability to bend without breaking, elongating by up to 25% compared to around 15% for steel and 8% for aluminium.

Strength to weight ratio - Strong as steel but 45% lighter, titanium has the highest strength-to-weight ratio out of all the known metals.

    • Made to measure
    • Less than 4kg guaranteed (excluding wheels and cushion)
    • Rigid and lightweight
    • Titanium Grade 9
    • Perfect toe in toe out for minimum drag
    • Optimised biomechanics for maximum power and efficiency
    • Optimised single tube design
    • Low profile cross braces
    • Max user weight 110kg

The Octane SUB4 it’s as beautiful as it is functional.

RGK Tiga Sub 4 Wheelchair


RGK Tiga Sub 4 Wheelchair is RGK's lightest chair yet and guaranteed to be under 4kg.

It is made from aerospace grade aluminium and has been engineered with passion and determination.

Due to the lightweight nature it is perfect for transferring in and out of your car.

This made to measure wheelchair is guaranteed to be under 4kg with every component optimised.

Frame Key Features

    • Made to measure frame 1.73kg
    • Aerospace grade 7 aluminium
    • Optimised hollow forged castor arm
    • Fixed centre of gravity
    • Fixed backrest
    • Low profile cross braces
    • Optimised single tube design
    • Optimised axle and pin set up with Titanium sleeves
    • Polished or brushed
    • Lightweight sideguard/brake mounting system
    • Max user weight 110kg

Standard components

    • compact wheel locks,
    • carbon fibre side guards with fender,
    • Froglegs castors
    • carbon fibre footrest cover and upholstery.
    • The rear wheels and, cushion are not included.
    • Upholstery
    • Made up of a seat sling and a backrest and connects you to the frame.
    • Mesh strap
    • Adjustable seat upholstery

RGK Tiga FX Wheelchair

The RGKTiga FX has been designed to be so portable that it fits into aircraft overhead storage lockers (and the boot of your car!)

Every so often an idea comes along that changes lives. In this instance it is a creation that revolutionises travel for self-propelling wheelchair users.

The TIGA fx folds into a briefcase style shape, ideal for storage in tight spaces.

The Q-lock system provides rigidity, strength and a lightweight solution along with an action that is simple, easy to operate and streamlined enough to meet all your travel needs. A rigid chair that folds – for people on the move.

Tiga FX Technical Specifications

  • RGKi made to measure
  • 7020 aluminium frame
  • Hollow forged castor arm design with zero tolerance bearing alignment
  • 30mm diameter frame tube size
  • Product weight from 8.6kg (40cmx40cm seat c/w standard wheels)
  • Open rigid frame design, with unique folding system
  • Camber angles available - 0, 1, 2, 3, 5 º
  • Q Lock folding system for backrest and front frame
  • Maximum user weight 125kg

Key Features

  • Choice of fixed footrest with carbon fibre plate or clamp on height and angle adjustable footrest with aluminium plate
  • 4” Soft roll black castor wheels with low ride castor forks
  • Fold flat sideguard system
  • Underseat scissor brakes
  • Adjustable centre of gravity (fixed upgrade option available)
  • Airtech strap adjustable backrest upholstery
  • Choice of frame, componentry and accent colour options

RGK Hi Lite Titanium Wheelchair

The RGK Hi-Lite is a lightweight, active wheelchair and a popular model in the RGK range.

With a simple titanium frame design and using your precise individual measurements, Hi Lite gives you confidence to manoeuvre easily throughout your daily life.

It provides easy, lightweight and independent transportability combined with an extensive range of options and accessories.

Hi Lite Technical Specifications

  • RGKi made to measure
  • Titanium grade 2 frame with 0% corrosion
  • 25mm diameter frame tube size
  • Product weight from 8.1kg (40cmx40cm seat c/w standard wheels)
  • Choice of open or closed frame design
  • Camber angles available - 0, 1, 2, 3, 5 º (Individual angle when fixed centre of gravity)
  • Maximum user weight 125kg

Key Features

  • Height adjustable tubular titanium footrest
  • Soft roll black castor wheels with low ride castor forks
  • Adjustable centre of gravity (fixed upgrade option available)
  • Choice of brake style scissor or push to lock
  • Airtech strap adjustable backrest upholstery
  • Choice of frame and componentry colour options

Progeo Noir 2.0 Carbon Fibre Wheelchair with Rigid Frame


The Proego Noir 2.0 Monocoque Carbon Fibre Wheelchair with Rigid Frame is completely bespoke to your unique needs and preferences.

Every detail is accurately designed to accomplish an astonishing eye-catching and linear look.

Progeo Noir 2.0 offers unique manoeuvrability, maximum resistance and minimum weight.

- Ulralight from only 6.5kg with wheels

- Extremely compact

- Bespoke made-to-measure monocoque carbon fibre frame

Progeo Carbomax Carbon Fibre Wheelchair with Rigid Frame


The Carbomax active wheelchair from Progeo is made of a full carbon fibre frame. It adopts the latest technologies in each detail.

Best known for its eye catching design, lightness and rigidness at the highest level, while keeping ample and simple adjustments.

An ultralight active wheelchair with rigid frame.

- Eyecatching design 

- Extremely lightweight from 10lbs

- Compact - easy to load into your car

Progeo Ego Ultralight Active Wheelchair with Folding Frame

The Ego is an ultralight active wheelchair with folding frame from leading manufacturer Progeo.

It opens and closes really easily and features unbeatable rigidness for a extremely light folding wheelchair -  It is less than 10kg in the lightest configuration.


The folding frame make it compact for easy transportation and storage.

Lightweight from only 1stone (carbon fibre option)

It is quick and easy to fold and load into car

You can choose everything from frame type, footplates, brakes tyres, handrims etc and also choose from a wide range of vibrant colours.

Wide range of adjustment:

- rear height
- setting
- backrest height
- backrest angle

Quickie Krypton R Rigid Carbon Wheelchair


The lightest, fully adjustable rigid wheelchair made from aerospace engineered carbon fibre by Sunrise Medical under their Quickie brand.

It is made to order to your exact specification and our dedicated Product Specialists can help advise suitability and exact size requirements.

Key features

Pioneering carbon fibre

Created from the most advanced carbon technology available, producing a staggering strength-to-weight ratio.

Ultralight from 6.4kg combined with supreme rigidity for an ultra-responsive ride.

Phenomenal rigidity and razor-sharp agility

Infinitely adjustable centre of gravity, fine-tuning of the front and rear seat heights and backrest angle adjustment ensures the QUICKIE Krypton R is designed for something truly special.

Revolutionary engineering

QUICKIE Krypton R is the first wheelchair made of the patented, most innovative seamless carbon braid technology.

This fully automated braid process makes it possible to build the perfect frame - strong wherever necessary, light wherever possible, manufactured with a precise and reliable automated process.

Exceptionally strong

Every part of this fully adjustable wheelchair was approved only when our test engineers were 100% satisfied with its quality.

Tested even under freezing cold or desert hot conditions (-20°C to 70°C). No aging test has worn the Krypton down - it is designed to stand the test of time!

Versatility and style

QUICKIE's personalisation options will help you to create a wheelchair to cherish and to define a style that you can call your own.

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