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John Preston Healthcare is the leading supplier of wheelchairs in Nothern Ireland and Scotland.

Whether an individual requires their wheelchair for occasional use or requires something more permanent we will have the right solution.


We have a wide range of manual wheelchairs to suit all conditions.

Lightweight, foldable, self-propelled or attendant propelled, we will have an option to suit.

We supply leading brands such as RGKQuickie, Breezy, Kuschall, Netti, Invacare, Days, Handicare, Ibis, Neatech, Pride

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing your new manual wheelchair.  If you are an independent wheelchair user, you will want a lightweight chair that is easy to self propel and to get in to your car by yourself.

If you are buying a chair on behalf of a dependent relative, you will need to consider how easy the chair is to push for the carer or family member and you might want to purchase a powerpack to go with the chair which will take the effort out of pushing.

You may also require the chair to fold up easily and compactly so that it can be easily transported.

Custom made wheelchairs

If the chair is for a client with complex seating requirements to support their condition, we highly recommend a visit to our showroom or that you arrange a home visit by one of our wheelchair specialists.

We offer a wide range of highly prescriptive chairs from lightweight carbon fibre and titanium frame chairs for active users to tilt in space, support systems with specialist seating systems for the more passive user.

We supply bespoke made to order wheelchairs from highly regarded brands such as Quickie and RGK.

Our Product Specialists will carry out an in-depth assessment to make sure the chair is right for you and order something to suit your exact specifications. Get in touch with one of our wheelchair specialists today – call 028 92 677 077.

Our wheelchair portfolio also has solutions for overweight and bariatric users.  Our bariatric brands include XXL Rehab, PDG, Fortuna XL and Quantum Rehab.

Wheelchair power attachments

Users of manual wheelchairs, whether self-propelled or attended, can benefit from the use of powerpacks and add-on power units. This allows the user to retain the advantages of a manual chair, while getting extra assistance for long journeys, hills, or rough terrain.

Our range is designed to fit most manual wheelchairs – Get in touch with a Product Specialist today on 028 92 677 077 to find out which power attachment will be best for you.

Manual wheelchairs

Active Wheelchairs

Mountain Trike all terrain wheelchair


Mountain Trike All Terrain Wheelchair is an excellent trike for outdoor everyday use, whether that be muddy trail, woodlands, forest parks and even mountain bike trails!

Equipped with three wheels, suspension and a clever lever system, these wheelchairs are able to go off-road on any terrain, making them perfect those who love the outdoors. The possibilites are endless.

Self balance wheelchair 


Have a look at the amazing Nino balance wheelchair from Nino Robotics – The future of personal mobility!

The Nino uses self-balancing technology built by Ninebot – the perfect robotic companion to your daily lifestyle.

It is designed for users with good upper body strength, the Nino is controlled through the use of your core.

Once the stabilising legs are disengaged, you operate the Nino by leaning forward to go, leaning back to brake and reverse and sitting straight to balance.

This ultra lightweight balance wheelchair will take you anywhere you want to go – by car, train and even plane. The Nino can come with an optional travel case for those users on the go.

Get in touch with Danny Anderson to arrange your assessment at a time and place convenient to you. Call 028 92 677 077.

Wheelchair exercise equipment

wheelchair treadmill

Invictus Active wheelchair treadmill

Are you a wheelchair athlete or a wheelchair user who just wants to improve fitness and balance?

The Invictus Active trainer has been designed with you in mind! This is an innovative wheelchair teadmill!

It has been designed to help you improve your fitness, technique and balance. You can use it to try and lose weight, increase your strength and is used by athletes for a great high intensity workout.

Ideal for gyms, schools and sports clubs and only £799.00 ex VAT. Get in touch with a product specialist for more info..or come and try it out for yourself at our showroom in Lisburn, Northern Ireland.

Wheelchair power attachments


Have you seen the Firefly wheelchair attachment? 

    • Clips on and off your existing wheelchair in seconds
    • Get up to 12 mph!
    • Takes you anywhere you want,
    • including hills and over grass
    • Loads easily in any car
    • Maximum user weight  115kg
    • Silver and black powder coat

Get in touch with a product specialist to find out if the firefly is compatible with your chair. Call 028 92 677 077.

Shop online for all types of wheelchair power attachments- FREE delivery throughout UK and Ireland on all orders over £50.00!

Get in touch with a Wheelchair Specialist today

Belfast wheelchair news


Our Active Wheelchair Specialist Stafford Lynn hands over RGK Grandslam to Michael Smith. Michael Smith opted for the RGK Gradslam wheelchair for Badminton. He is just back from the wheelchair badminton world championships in Korea! The RGK Grandslam is an excellent made to measure tennis wheelchair giving you the speed of turn, outstanding acceleration and…

Our crash tested Bariatric wheelchairs can carry a user of up to 300kg We have extended our range of crash tested Bariatric Wheelchairs to include the Phonix and Goliath models from Uniroll. These wheelchairs for heavier users have been crash tested so are safe for use in vehicles when used with appropriate fixations. Each model…


Able table for wheelchair users now available for assessments in the UK & Ireland The Able Table is designed to offer wheelchair users and their carers / peers a comfortable sociable setting. Not only empowering to the user it is also inclusion in it’s most basic form. Able Table’s universal design allows the carer, teacher, or…


Front wheel drive electric wheelchair – Quantum 4Front arrives in Northern Ireland The first innovative front-wheel drive power chair from manufacturers, Quantum now available in the UK & Ireland. The 4Front is equipped with independent, automotive-grade SRS (Smooth Ride Suspension) that provides unprecedented comfort and ride quality. CASE technology delivers advanced stability for smooth transition…

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