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TiLite TR Titanium Rigid Frame Wheelchair - Dual Tube. 

The flagship chair in the TiLite range. 

Rigid Frame

Rigid frame chairs are the lightest and highest performing wheelchairs. 

Swept-in Dual Tube Frame

The Dual Frame design creates superior frame rigidity for optimal energy transfer.


The TR is made from Titanium making it exceptionally lightweight yet durable and offers the highest performance for active users.


Made to measure to your unique sizing and requirements. The optimized fit of a TiFit chair brings unparalleled performance and function. 

TR innovation 

Swept-in dual tube frame 

The dual tube geometry stiffens the wheelchair transferring more of your push directly to the ground. 

This means no wasted eneregy throughout the day. 

The sweeping curve of the lower frame tube creates a unique / modern look. 

Swept castor arm with bullet castor housing reduces weight and adds yet more style. 

Zero play camber plugs give a much tighter feel to the chair like sport suspension in a car. 

TR options 

This chair is completely bespoke so you choose everything!

Tattoo Finishes

TiLite chairs feature Tattooed Finishes. These are not stickers. These are real tattoos permanently imprinted onto the finish of your new titanium or aluminum TiLite chair frame!

The TiLite wheelchairs are bespoke custom made to your individual needs and preferences.

We highly recommend you call us on 028 92 67 70 77 to arrange your in depth assessment with a trained Product Specialist.

Frame Type* Rigid
Frame Style* Dual-Tube
Frame Material* Titanium
TiFit* Yes
Adjustability* Limited Adjustability
Growable* N/A
Custom Configuration* Yes
Frame Options Black Edition 
SuperLite Edition 
Power Adaptable Frame
Reinforced Frame
Transport Weight** 9.3 lb.
Seat Width 12" - 20"
Seat Depth 12" - 20"
Front Seat Height 15" - 21"
Rear Seat Height 12.5" - 21"
Camber 0°, 2°, 4°, 6°, 8°, or 12°
Front Frame Angle 60°, 65°, 70°, 75°, 80°, 85°, or 90°
Footrest Width Options Standard Taper 
V-Front End
Seat Back Type (Folding) Folding Seat Back
Adj. Height 8.5" - 21"
Adj. Angle 80° - 101°
Seat Back Type (Fixed) Fixed Seat Back
Fixed Height 5" - 20"
Fixed Angle 80° - 101°
Center of Gravity Adjustment                    5"
Weight Limit 265 lb.
Transit Options N/A
Warranty Lifetime on Frame 
One Year on TiLite Components

**Weight based on 16″ x 16″ wheelchair with all standard features except rear wheels. Rear wheels are not included due to the varying weights of the numerous wheel configurations offered by TiLite.

For reference, a pair of standard 24″ (540) rear wheels weighs 7.2 lb.

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