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Svan balance - designed for the whole family 

Svan balance enables users to sit securley on the toilet which means they can manage by themselves! 

Designed for the whole family - Svan balance allows you to switch rapidly from a secure support to an easily accessible standard toilet. 

With its modern design and carefully picked materials, Svan balance durable and easy to use. 

Key features

    • Easy for all the family. 
    • Height adjustable armrests and footrests. Adjusted using a simple handle, with no tools required. 
    • Carefully chosen materials to ensure no corroding. 
    • Easy to clean. 
    • Easy to install. 
    • Support and balance while you move. 
    • Assists wheelchair and walking frame users. 
    • Grab rails can be folded out in front of the seat. With the grab rails right next to you at the correct height, it's easier to get up and move. 
    • Rails provide a firm grip to assist you in dressing and can be turned to provide firm support when you sit down. 

Product Information:

The height is easily adjusted using a simple handle, with no tools required.


Straight Armrest Width: 425mm

Height above its surface: 220, 245, 270 mm (3 fixed positions)

The footstool: Width 400 mm Depth 260 mm 

Height above floor: 55, 110, 165, 220 mm (4 in fixed positions) 

Distance footstool-seat surface: 365, 310, 255, 200 mm 

Technical data Powder coated stainless steel. Rubber parts in polyurethane. 

Weight: 10.4 kg 

Parts included

    • Straight armrests 425mm 
    • Support handles 
    • Frame and toilet seat 
    • Footrest substitue 

Technical information

Balance fits most standard toilets that are 390 – 455 mm high. If the porcelain is higher, the leg extension, Item no. 10087, is used. 

Powder coated stainless steel with rubber parts made of polyurethane.The seat has a frame made of wood fiber, which is completely covered by glass fiber reinforced polyester. The surface is coated with polyurethane varnish.

Use non scratch alkaline cleaners.

Accessories available

    • Table top
    • Frame extender
    • Toilet seat
    • Isc plate
    • Isc backing
    • Cathetar holder
    • Assistent stool
    • Seat hole reducer (extra small, small, medium or small with raised edges)
    • Back cushion
    • Soft seat
    • Mini footrest
    • Back pad

We have a wide range of Svancare Toilet Frames available - if you need more info just call us on 028 92 67 70 77 and a Product Specialist will happily help.

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