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Dynamic Air Mattresses

Dynamic Air Mattresses - John Preston Healthcare Group is a leading supplier of alternating pressure mattresses in the UK and Ireland. Dynamic pressure care systems use air cells inside the mattresses that are parallel to each other, inflating and deflating regulating pressure under various parts of the body. There are a number of contributing factors that can cause pressure sores to develop including continence, shear pressure, mobility and general health. Dynamic systems are designed for users who have existing pressure related damage or those who are at high risk of developing them. Typically overlays are used for up to grade 2 pressure sores and mattress replacement systems are used for higher grades. We provide off the shelf solutions such as Harvest partnership mattress and Bariatric Dynamic Mattress as well as bespoke options. Please check with the individual system to check suitability. If you are in any doubt regarding the most appropriate product for you please call our advice line on 02892677077