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Made entirely of quality rustproof materials, the height adjustable Combi Tilt-in-Space Chair is a combined commode, shower chair and transport chair in one. By means of a hand lever on the push bar, the Combi Tilt can be variably tilted 25° backwards and 5° forwards for easier patient transfer out of the chair.

Advantages of the tilt function are:

·         A more secure position for user during bathing/showering and transport.
·         An improved working posture for carers
·         Better contact between user and carers
·         Easier to transfer users from a hoist to a tilted seat. Flip up armrests allow for easier sideways transfer of the user.

The soft, ergonomically shaped neckrest can be adjusted in height and angle. Both neckrest and footrests are supplied as standard. The seat, neckrest, backrest and armrests are made of soft, durable polyurethane and all parts are detachable. The polyurethane is easy to clean and tolerates temperatures up to 70°C.

The footrests are height adjustable and swing away 90°. The footrests can be either locked vertically into position or slotted loosely into the outer tubing for quick removal and swing away function.

Price is inclusive of headrest and pair of legrests.

Technical specification

Art. no.201941314201942314
Name Combi, tilt Combi, tilt
Description Manual tilt, mobile commode/shower chair, complete with toilet rails Powered tilt, mobile commode/shower chair, complete with toilet rails and charging cable
Unit 1 pce/pcs 1 pce/pcs
Material, frame Stainless steel, powder coated (white) Stainless steel, powder coated (white)
Material, backrest Polyurethane (PUR) Polyurethane (PUR)
Material, seat Polyurethane (PUR) Polyurethane (PUR)
Material, armrest Polyurethane (PUR) Polyurethane (PUR)
Seat height 520-620 mm 525-620 mm
Seat width 510 mm 510 mm
Seat depth 435 mm 435 mm
Toilet opening 210x310 mm 210x310 mm
Backrest Height 310 mm 310 mm
Backrest width 410 mm 410 mm
Arm supports length 480 mm 480 mm
Armrests width 50 mm 50 mm
Distance Between Armrests 430 mm 430 mm
Total height 950-1180 mm 950-1180 mm
Total width 535 mm 535 mm
Total depth 870-1090 mm 870-1090 mm
Castors diameter (Ø) 125 mm 125 mm
Total weight 24 kg 25 kg
Max. load on armrest 75 kg 75 kg
Max user weight 150 kg 150 kg
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