Corona Virus

Information about our approach to Coronavirus / COVID-19

We have acted quickly to implement a specific Coronavirus / COVID-19 policy and strategy to help protect our customers, our own team members and the wider community. This strategy is responsible and pragmatic and we recognise the unique position we are in given the needs of our customers. We have always put customers first and our strategy is designed to allow us to continue to provide the very highest levels of customer service. Our policy and approach within our own facilities includes specific measures regarding hygiene and a change to work practices. We are minimising contact between our own staff and with customer and suppliers and taking all necessary precautions to reduce risk. Our focus is to minimise as far as possible disruption to the supply of goods and services to our customers. The current circumstances are new to us all but we are committed to continuing to provide the highest level of service that our customers are accustomed to. This approach may evolve over time and we will update this page accordingly. Our phone lines are fully operational and manned as are our web channels, live chat and email enquiries.

Our Showrooms

Our Showrooms have re-opened and visitors are welcome by prior appointment. Guidance from staff must be followed in regards to distancing and hygiene. To arrange a visit to our Lisburn showroom, call us on 028 92 67 70 77 or to arrange a visit to our Edinburgh showroom call us on 0131 440 3929

Assessments, Deliveries, and Installations

Where required, we will arrange for distanced deliveries. This will involve you as the customer allocating a vacant room/space in which to deliver the goods. Our staff can then exit the building whilst our client can inspect the goods and sign the paperwork. Our staff can then collect the paperwork and exit the building. We appreciate that this will be a time-consuming process, and we will continue to evaluate the procedure to see if improvements can be made.


We recognise that the demonstration & assessment service relies most on contact and creates an unwanted risk to all parties, particularly where vulnerable people are concerned. As a result of this we will initially contact each customer as prior to their existing appointment to confirm that the demonstration is acceptable to the client and to evaluate any potential impact to our staff. There will be no shaking of hands and appropriate distancing will be observed. Outdoor product demonstrations are also an option in suitable weather. All demonstration equipment will be regularly cleaned. The following steps have been taken:

  • All sales staff have been issued disinfectant for both personal use and for their demonstration equipment
  • Distance assessments can be arranged using a telephone, or a video platform. We currently use Whatsapp, Facetime on Facebook and Skype. We have conference TV available for use by our team to provide assessments, demonstrations or complete training requirements
  • Our assessment forms can be downloaded and used to create a specification.
  • We can arrange for stock equipment to be shipped to an address for evaluation with a client. A prior conversation will have taken place to discuss the specification and the payment terms surrounding this.
  • We will support customers via video call when they receive their product in regards to unpacking and assemble and any set up required to ensure the product is suitable for the customer.
  • If the equipment is clearly not suitable, and cannot be made suitable with adjustment or accessories, then we are happy to return the equipment without penalty.  Carriage charges must be borne by the customer in this instance.

New ways helping customers assess products:

We are confident that the new ways for our customers to assess products via Facetime (on Facebook), Whatsapp video call and Skype are simple to use and can be useful and effective. Call us on 028 9267 7077 to book one

Warranty and Repair work

Our processes for identifying issues with products and supporting customers encountering issues with product remains in place. If you are encountering a fault or issue with your product your first step should be to call us on 028 92 67 70 77. Our dedicated Service colleagues will contact you by phone and/or by video call as required to identify and help resolve any issues and liaise with manufacturers as normal. When products need to be returned to our Service Centre then the cost of this is borne by the customer. When Service support is required at home, prior contact will be made to establish a safe working environment for all parties. This may include identifying suitable space for our team to work in or to collect the item and return it to a pre-agreed location around the house. Precautions will also apply to the signing of paperwork.