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What sets the SmartSeat apart from others in the industry?

  • A stowable footplate is an integral part of the legrest which can be stowed away so that the occupant can easily raise to standing or rest their legs on the legrest in complete comfort
  • Floating-tracking technology in the legrest is a unique system controlling the legrest angle and the extension which allows the legrest to track the movement of the lower legs as they pivot on the knee joint
  • Using technology first developed by the automotive industry, the SmartSeat has a simple width adjustment which can be adjusted without the need for tools, swapping parts or the removal of trim or upholstery panels.  The seat width adjustment does not affect the look and feel of the chair.  Support remains consistent and gaps and openings don't appear with the width adjustment.
  • The SmartSeat has three seat height settings to allow the chair to be configured to the user for raising to stand and a safe transfer.
  • The main panels of the chair are made from EPP (Expanded Polypropene) which is a light but tough material which is moulded into shape.  Material consumption is reduced and at the end of its serviceable life the EPP can be extracted and recycled. The use of J-Strips allow the covers to be removed easily and fitted with a guaranteed consistency of finish, the covers are fitted in the right place and with the correct tension each and everytime.


  • Fully adjustable seat depth controlled by a high quality sliding mechanism which is so smooth it can be operated with one hand
  • Adjustable Seat height is a critical feature which should be identified on assessment but can be adjusted on site by one of our Product Specialists
  • A total of 110cm seat width adjustment is available as standard.  It can be adjusted evenly or off set to cope with assymetric postures.  This can be controlled completley on site making it fantastic for multi-user environments
  • The unique legrest elevation lifts the legrest from 80 degrees to 170 degress and extends to support the lower leg to the heel throughout.  Available in manual or motorised
  • The back has three sections for support the lumbar area, mid back and upper back.  THe lumbar section is curved and the middle section can be changed to either flat or contoured
  • Manually or motorised Tilt-in-Space action from 8 degress to 30 degrees.  
  • Fully removable covers makes cleaning easier and addresses infection control issues
  • Four fully braked castors as standard to stabilise the chair during transfer

Suitable Client Groups

  • Clients who need to maintain a reasonable, midline pressure
  • Clients with neurological conditions which make them sensitive to discomfort or affect muscle tone such as MS, MD and MND
  • Clients with who seat height for transfer is crucial
  • Clients with congenital conditions eg Cerebal Palsy
  • Lower limb amputees
  • Clients with early stage HD
  • Stroke rehabilitation units
  • Clients with learning difficults
  • Where multi-user requirement is likely, for example on stroke wards
  • Where infection control is an issue
  • Environments such as specialist hospital wards, ITU, nursing and residential homes and for domestic use.  

Standard Features

  • Tilt-in-Space
  • Seat Cushion with CareFlex Watercell Technology
  • Independently elavating channel legrest
  • Integral stowarble angle adjustable footplate
  • Adjustable seat depth, width and height
  • Fully removable arms
  • Fully remoable covers
  • Flat back cushion
  • Ergonomical push handle
  • Four fully braked castors
  • Vapour Permeable (VP) upholstery to back, seat and legrest

SmartSeat Options 


Small, Medium 

Manual Version

Basic chair with TiS and legrest elevation controlled by cable release gas action. For areas where there is a high level of nursing care where staff will be adjusting the position of the chair for the client.

Fully Motorized

24V DC battery operated system controlling TiS, BAR and legrest elevation. For situations where client is able to respond to changing body position by adjusting all elements of the chair.

Seat Widths

Small: 28-40cm

Medium: 38- 50cm

Adjusted with pull strap at rear of arm releasing locking mechanism

Seat Height

Small: 45, 48, 51,

Medium: 49, 52, 55

Selected at assessment/order. Can be changed at a later date.

Arm Height

Small: 15 (average, seat length dependent)

Medium: 21(average, seat length dependent)

Transfer Arm

Popper release on arm mechanism allows for complete removal of arm, leaving a level surface for side transfer.

Accessories available on request : pommel, seat wedge, tray, seat cushion interliner, head rests, footplate pads, replacement backs and various types of harness.  

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