Motor therapy, Integration therapy, Art therapy and Enrichment therapy

John Preston Healthcare are the exclusive suppliers of ROMPA Multi-Sensory Rooms and Sensory equipment in Northern Ireland.

With the use of Sensory Therapy the therapist will assess a person’s sensory difficulties and then develop a treatment programme using the appropriate equipment to overcome these difficulties.  This might include wearing a weighted vest, being brushed with various instruments, sitting on a bouncy ball and other similar activities.

John Preston Healthcare supply a range of Sensory Therapy equipment to Medical Professionals and the general public in Northern Ireland.  The range of therapy resources and tools are for all ages and abilities.  Finger, hand, wrist, and forearm exercises and dyspraxia treatment.

Sensory Therapy Equipment includes :

  • Therapy Balls
  • THERA Band
  • Grip Aids
  • Therapy Matts

For more information, please call 028 9267 7077 or email

Gary Allen

Product Specialist
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