Bedsores and Sore prevention

We supply a wide range of pressure care products including dynamic air mattresses, static mattresses, pressure relieving cushions and accessories by  Tempur-Med, Roho, Jay, Dyna-Form, Invacare, Vicair.


Pressure sores develop when the user has been sitting or lying in one place and position for too long.  Static pressure care management will help to evenly distribute the pressure on the skin by spreading the pressure over a greater surface area thereby minimising the risk of a sore developing.

Dynamic pressure care management uses cylinders or air cells inside the mattress that are parallel to each other.  As one set of cylinders inflates, the other set deflates.  Using this approach pressure under any part of the body is relieved regularly.

Our pressure care range include;

– Dynamic air mattresses
– Static mattresses
– Pressure relieving cushions
– bathing and toileting pressure reduction devices.

Sore prevention products:

We have preventative products to suit all risks of  patients included those deemed at very high risk of developing pressure sores and those who have established pressure damage up to grade four.   We provide off the shelf solutions as well as bespoke options.

dyna-flex-cushion__34468You can contact one of our Product Specialists here to discuss individual needs and to find the ideal solution for your requirements.

To find out more visit our online store or call us on  028 9267 7077 for more specialist help.

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  • Laura Hughes
    I purchase Pressure Care products such as dynamic air mattresses regularly and have stayed as a John Preston customer for a number of years. They always know what I need and supply the right products at the right price.
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