Patient Handling and equipment

We are Northern Ireland’s leading supplier of moving and patient handling equipment and have a comprehensive range of products designed to safely move patients and disabled persons without causing injury to the carer.


Moving and handling equipment consists of mechanical lifting devices or simple aids designed to support the movement of the client.

Mechanical lifting devices include both active and passive patient systems.

– Passive patient hoists are designed to lift the disabled person using specialist slings avoiding the need for manual lifting.

– Passive systems are appropriate for clients who cannot weight bear and therefore cannot be helped to stand.

– Hoists can be either mobile or static systems which are installed into the walls or ceiling of the building.

– Mobile hoists are generally used for short term solutions are when a fixed installation is not appropriate or cost effective.

– Active standing hoists are designed to support the user when they sit to stand.  These are mobile systems and help the user up with the aid of a standing sling. The user has to have relatively good lower body strength to use a standing hoist as they must be able to weight bear to an extent.

When it comes to the safe movement of patients in and around the bedroom, there are a wide range of devices to assist the carer.   These include;

-Sliding sheets and products with a slippy surface to reduce friction when moving and therefore reduce strain on the carer and shear pressures on the client.

– Lateral transfers can be achieved using a rolling board such as the Samarit Rollboard or a rigid board such as the Samarit Transglide combined with a simple sliding sheet.

– For heavier patients  an inflatable system is recommended such as Hovermatt, Airpal or Airslide.

  • Rosemary Neville
    " I purchase patient handling equipment for a group of Care Homes and the service from John Preston is brilliant. We always get good advice and instruction on using new equipment and they are only a phone call away. "

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