Continence Care Products

Incontinence products should be focused on the individual users needs and requirements.
Small enough to be hidden but large enough to give protection.

As Northern Ireland’s leading supplier of continence care products,  John Preston Healthcare have sourced the best solutions to provide users with options that ensure dignity, security and freedom to move.


Our incontinence range has solutions to suit your individual need, our portfolio includes:

Bed and Chair Protection – we stock a wide range of waterproof, washable and disposable bedding and chair protection productions including bed and chair pads,  bed sheets, pillow cases and mattress protectors.  Our brands include Dritech, Sahara, Readi and Abena.

Adult nappies

Female hygiene products

Incontinence Pads – Abena Abri-San shaped pads, Abri-Fix net pants and Abri-Form adult nappies with a range of absorbencies to suit all continence levels

Patient Wipes –  Dry and wet non woven hygiene wipes for cleaning the body.  We stock the Conti range of dry wipes and washcloths and the Oasis range of wet wipes and waterless bathing products

Washable Underwear – Washable underwear for men, women, girls and boys including leading  brands Sahara and Readipants

Urine bottles, Bed pans and Enuresis (bed wetting) alarms

Shop online for Incontinence Products – FREE delivery throughout UK and Ireland on all orders over £100.00!

Customer Testimonial

  • Joe McKelvey
    Following an operation I need to use adult nappies and continence care products. Obviously I find this sensitive but ordering online with John Preston / The Living Centre has helped me avoid any embarrassment plus I know I get exactly what I need at a great price. They are always there to help.
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