Electric Wheelchairs and Powerchairs in Northern Ireland and Scotland

John Preston Healthcare are Northern Ireland & Scotland’s leading supplier of electric wheelchairs and powerchairs. We stock a wide range of models to suit a variety of conditions and user requirements.

Electric wheelchairs can be divided in to a number of categories.  These include;

Indoor electric wheelchairs are intended for use around the house or in the workplace.   They are generally compact in size so they negotiate narrow passageways and generally have a very tight turning circle.  Some indoor powerchairs have a standing or high rise function enabling the user to reach high cupboards or simply to have an eye level conversation.

Indoor/ Outdoor and Outdoor/Indoor powerchairs are suitable for use both indoors and outdoors but both types perform better in one area than the other.   So an indoor / outdoor powerchair can be used outdoors as well as indoors but is generally a better performer indoors than an outdoor/ indoor powerchair – and vice versa!

Outdoor powerchairs are suitable for use primarily outdoors as they are larger vehicles, usually with lights and indicators making them class III vehicles and therefore road legal.  Some users however will want to use their outdoor powerchair for off road use, and for this a powerchair with oversized wheels and suspension is required.   The Alber Adventure is a good example of an offroad powerchair, capable of being used in the Mountains, as well as on the road.

Consideration must be given to the transportation of your electric wheelchair.   If you intend on using your powerchair for occupied use in a moving vehicle, you must ensure that the powerchair is intended for occupied use and has been successfully crash tested to ISO standards. Not all electric wheelchairs are intended for occupied use.

In some cases, you may wish to lift your electric wheelchair into the boot of a car.  Most electric wheelchairs are not suitable for this as they are too heavy and do not disassemble.  Some powerchairs have folding frames with removable battery packs which allow the chair to be made more compact but care must be taken when lifting these as they remain a heavy unit.   Other powerchairs, like the Pride Go chair and the Alber Adventure, disassemble easily into small component parts each one of them light enough to lift.

If your chair is not suitable for manual lifting into a car, you might consider having a boot lift fitted.  These hoists do all the lifting for you and are easily operated using a remote hand set – all you have to do is connect up the lifting strap.

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Folding electric wheelchairs starting from £1950.00 ex VAT




Pride Go Chair 2nd Generation model
£1795.00 ex VAT


The all new Go Chair from Pride breaks apart into five parts – meaning it is great for placing into the boot of your car.

Pride i-Go folding electric wheelchair

folding electric wheelchair Tel 028 92 67 70 77

The new i-Go from leading manufacturer, Pride Mobility features advanced folding technology enabling it to be easily and quickly transported.

Made to measure electric wheelchairs

We supply specialist made to order electric wheelchairs configured to your individual needs. You choose everything from the control systems, seating, adjustable legrest, backrest, kerb climbers and much more!

Our Product Specialist, Danny Anderson has been trained to the highest industry standards and he would be delighted to arrange an assessment at a time and place convenient to you. Call 028 92 677 077 and speak with our expert team for more info.

Quickie Salsa powerchair

quickie salsa

The Salsa-R² electric powered wheelchair incorporates a great indoor and outdoor performance.

This powerchair is made to order and requires and assessment with our Product Specialist, Danny Anderson.

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Quickie Salsa M2 Mini


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