John Preston Healthcare Group supply a wide range of paediatric specialist seating including brands such as Akces Med, Careflex, Kirton, JCM Seating, Huggle, Hydrotilt, and Jupiter. Each model is custom made to the individual child’s requirements.

  • Seating & poisitioning aids
  • Floor Sitters
  • Activity Chairs
  • Comfort Seating

Call us to discuss your requirements or arrange for our Paediatric Product Specalist, Gary Allen, to visit you and your child at home or in school.

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Product Specialist
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Seating & positioning aids

Zebra positioning chair


The Zebra positioning chair is an excellent innovative product for children and young people who find it difficult to adopt the sitting position.

You choose from a range of options including safety belts, range of supports including headrest & side supports and much more!

Available in a range of sizes.

Jumbo positioning chair


The Jumbo chair is basic in terms of design but offers great features, the chair has tilt facility and back angle recline.

Also offering great postural support. You can choose from a wide range of supports and accessories depending on the individual needs of the child.

Floor sitters

Tumble forms floor sitter


The Tumble Forms feeder seat ensures children are comfortable and secure during meal times, easy to wipe down.

Can accommodate young people for any upright activity for short periods of time, at home or at school.

Nook floor sitter


The Nook floor sitter from Akces med is an excellent lightweight floor sitter that enables the child to adopt the correct seating position.

Comes complete with most accessories required with just a couple of optional accessories.

Ideal for use in school and home environments and is lightweight making it perfect for taking with you on the go.

Choose from a range of colours and sizes.

Activity Chairs

JCM Triton activity chair


Triton offers individuals who have extensive and complex seating and postural needs the opportunity to get active with others and their surroundings.

Its unique combination of design, form and functionality helps children, young people, adults and their respective carers achieve greater levels of independence.

Triton is therefore a socially inclusive seating system that meets the functional and clinical needs of the user and has been designed and developed with a broad spectrum of customers and their many different environments in mind.

Ursus active multi seat


The Ursus active is 4 products in one, the Ursus active chair can be mounted onto two different Hi Lo bases a wheelchair base and a buggy base.

The ursus multi seat is an indoor activity chair, outdoor wheelchair and buggy all in one.

A real space saving  piece of equipment.

Comfort Seating

Careflex hydroflex comfort chair


The Hydroflex is a tilt in space chair with back angle recline as standard, the Hydroflex is a great chair to bridge the gap between paediatric and adult seating.

It offers fantastic seat depth adjustment, upto 500mm, various different backs which can be easily changed in the future.

Careflex smart seat pro


The Smart Seat Pro is the most advanced chair of its type, it is width and depth adjustable so really does grow with the child.

It also has a multi adjustable back so accommodates scoliosis, lordosis and kyphosis and the back rest is also height adjustable.

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