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Would you like a wheelchair for all terrain and off road use? You have found the right place!

It takes a certain type of wheelchair to tackle all terrain challenges and to go off road and it is vitally important that you research what options are out there and what is right for your unique needs. We are the all terrain wheelchair specialists throughout the UK and Ireland and have spent significant time to put together the best  range of all terrain wheelchairs on the market today.

We have a close relationship with the leading off road wheelchair manufacturers around the world and have dedicated Product Specialists that liaise with you directly. This can also include the opportunity to try models before you buy – giving you peace of mind that your wheelchair for all terrain locations is ideal for you.

Some off road wheelchairs are manually driven and some have power included as an option or comes with power as standard. There are also attendant all terrain wheelchairs that allow a family member or carer etc to push and control the wheelchair – these are all shown below with links through to the product listings on our online shop.

Some important factors to consider when contemplating all terrain wheelchairs are;

  • Where do you want to go?
  • What type of terrain do you want to tackle?
  • How will you transport your off road wheelchair?
  • How will you store it?
  • What type of all terrain wheelchair is suitable for any condition that you may have?
  • What is your budget?

We will compare and contrast the various models in our range here but a chat with an expert is always a good thing – just call us on 028 92 67 70 77 and we will talk through the models available and help arrange a test drive if possible.

If you are in Scotland you can call our team there directly on 0131 440 3929.

Overview of our off road wheelchair range:

Manual all terrain wheelchairs:

Who are they ideal for?

Manual or self propelled all terrain wheelchairs are ideal for users who are able to propel themselves on tricky terrain. You may need good strength to tackle steeper hills along with good spatial awareness in regards to obstacles etc.

Typically, users are able to transport their all terrain wheelchair in the car boot via manual lifting or a car hoist. Some people are lucky enough to live right beside a suitable location but many will have to travel by car.

What are they capable of?

These models are capable of tackling muddy trails, forest parks, woodlands and even some mountain bike trails. You are only limited by your own strength and stamina. They are capable of navigating winter conditions including snow and also the beach.

If you have Tetraplegia, are a Quad or have limited hand function there are specific models to meet this need such as the Mountain Trike Quad all terrain wheelchair

What can they not do?

Every wheelchair has its limits and usually it is the strength and stamina of the user that is the restricts where you can go. Careful consideration needs to be given to particular beach conditions such as very loose sand where any wheelchair will sink and not be able to generate traction. This is also the case in very soggy, muddy ground. Mountain bike tyres and wider profiles etc help to provide stability but for all units there is a point where the ground cannot support any weight etc.

You need to be aware of local legislation in regards to electric all terrain wheelchairs. You need to understand where it can be driven and at what speed, and also take all precautions to ensure the safety of yourself and others. We can help with that in regards to each individual model – just call us for a chat.

How are they transported and stored?

Most users transport their manual all terrain wheelchair in the boot of their car and lift it in and out via a car boot hoist. Some users have larger vehicles whereby a ramp can be employed

What are my options?

Our current range of manual self propelled all terrain wheelchairs includes;

Electric all terrain wheelchairs:

Who are they ideal for?

Electric off road wheelchairs are perfect for longer and tougher adventures. The battery power takes the strain off you and all of our models offer long range capabilities so you can go even further. You can enjoy using your all terrain electric wheelchair in the mountains, in forest parks, country paths, mountain bike trails and in lots of challenging and tough weather conditions too.

If you like speed and want a more adventurous experience then an electric all terrain wheelchair might be best for you.

What are they capable of?

They are capable of getting you up steep hills and overcoming obstacles while offering extensive range. Propelling yourself manually will obviously be so much tougher in this type of terrain. Speed is also a great attraction to users – never mind being able to get somewhere quicker – the sensation of going fast is undoubtedly enjoyable (where safe and legal to do so).

What can they not do?

Just like manual models, everything does have its limits and these will vary depending on the type of model you prefer. Some models like the Mountain Cart have a longer and bigger footprint so can tackle different obstacles to something like the Trekinetic G2 powered model. The Trekinetic G2 however can be more nimble and responsive in some locations so it all really depends on what terrain you want to tackle and what obstacles you may be facing.

How are they transported and stored?

These tend to be heavier due to the batteries and motors etc so will be very difficult to lift manually into a car boot – never mind having appropriate space for it.

Many users of the larger models are lucky to have larger minivans or are fortunate enough to have an ideal location right on their doorstep. Any powered model will need to be charged correctly and stored safely so you will need to have space in your garage or secure shed that will not freeze over during cold winters etc.

What are my options?

Mountain Trike e-trike electric assist all terrain wheelchair
EV4 Mountain Cart all terrain wheelchair
Zoom all terrain four wheel drive wheelchair
Trekinetic GTE Mk II all terrain wheelchair
Joelette power assist mountain / trekking wheelchair

Attendant all terrain wheelchairs:

Who are they ideal for?

Attendant controlled all terrain wheelchairs are perfect for users who cannot self propel or control a powerchair and have a carer or friend or relative to control everything from the rear. Typical users may be those with more complex disabilities with additional needs, including young people.

What are they capable of?

Our attendant controlled off road wheelchairs can still tackle rough and tough terrain and extreme weather. Use is limited by the strength and stamina of the attendant or carer. Options like the Mountain Trike all terrain push stroller can be used in forest parks, mountain paths and bumpy and rough ground and the Joelette range have been used in the past to get users to the very top of mountains or to take part in endurance events.

What can they not do?

These models are propelled manually so speed and navigating obstacles etc is limited by the stamina and strength of the attendant along with the restrictions imposed by the terrain.

How are they transported and stored?

These models are typically lifted into the boot of the car and are lighter than powered models due to the absence of batteries and motors etc.

What are my options?

Joelette Kid all terrain wheelchair
Joelette single wheel mountain all terrain wheelchair
Joelette dual wheel mountain all terrain wheelchair
Mountain Trike all terrain pushchair stroller

All terrain wheelchair power attachments:

Who are they ideal for?

Off road or all terrain wheelchair power attachments are used by active wheelchair users to enjoy rougher and tougher terrain. They are connected to suitable manual wheelchairs that are designed for active use and can be placed into the boot of the car easily.

What are they capable of?

They can tackle steeper hills, mountain paths, forest parks or anywhere that traction is an issue with a standard attachment. The stronger motors and batteries found in these units provide more torque and power and thus allows you to enjoy more remote places in challenging weather conditions.

What can they not do?

They will be limited by their orientation in regards to being connected to a wheelchair. Very large obstacles such as boulders etc will be impossible to navigate. Suitable wheelchair wheels and tyres will also be required to compliment any all terrain wheelchair attachment. Usually, wider and thicker mountain bike tyres are used.

How are they transported and stored?

These can be placed into the boot of the car quite easily and stored somewhere suitable indoors. Like any powered machine, suitable charging of the batteries is essential to ensure optimum performance and life span.

What are my options?

We think the options from Triride are best and the two models worth looking at are the Triride T Rocks and the Triride Mad Max.

Beach wheelchairs:

We have the largest and deepest range of beach wheelchairs in the UK and Ireland – check out the full range here

Trekinetic K-2 Mk II is an excellent all terrain manual wheelchair for use on forest trails, muddy fields, the beach and even in snow!

Weighing only 17kg and features quickie release folding so it can be lifted into almost any car without the need for a hoist so you have the freedom to use any car and it doesn’t have to be adapted.

The lightweight carbon fibre seat moulds around your body to offer full support. The patented shock absorbers ensure a smooth ride. For added comfort, the angle of the seat can be adjusted so you can sit upright or reclined.




Standard Equipment

  • Anatomically optimised carbon fibre monocoque seat
  • Luxurious suede upholstery set
  • Quick release Kevlar reinforced ATB tyres
  • Quick camber change
  • Telescopic footrest
  • Quick fold rear assembly
  • ATB Gel filled rear wheel
  • Castor pressure regulator
  • Nitrogen shock absorber
  • Backrest angle control valve

Equipped with the big wheels at the front, propulsion is much easier when you push horizontally with your back supported.


The large wheels at the front give you the freedom to roll over obstacles and challenging terrains.  For added security over challenging terrain you can simply adjust the variable wheel camber. The optional dyna-brake system gives you ultimate control so you can steer and slow down when you need.

This powerchair is perfect for both outdoor and indoor use. You can turn on the spot and reverse with ease.

Every removeable component on the Trekinetic is designed to detach easily and quickly without the need for tools making the chair only 15kg to lift. The centre hub folds and the footplate retracts so it is easy to lift into the boot of your car.

This is an excellent wheelchair designed for use on all terrain. Equipped with three wheels, suspension and clever lever system it is perfect for for wheelchair users to enjoy the countryside in any terrain – muddy, forest parks and mountain bike trails etc.

This revolutionary wheelchair was designed and engineered by Tim Morgan, an award winning engineer and mountain bike racer, who also took part in popular BBC2 show Dragons Den.




Using his engineering skills and his passion for mountain biking Tim created the Mountain Trike which has many components to that of a mountain bike and ideal for users with spinal cord injury, lower limb loss or who have MS ensuring everyone can enjoy the great outdoors no matter their condition.

Tim has won a Silver Medal from the Royal Academy of Engineering for his revolutionary design.

Key Features

    • Direct Steering – You can steer using only one arm. The steering ensures excellent control for smooth turns and an easy travel across slopes and rough terrain.
    • Air Suspension – Ensuring a smooth and comfortable ride over all sorts of terrain. Safe and Stable.
    • Hydraulic Disc Brakes – You have great control in all weather conditions.
    • Lever Drive –  You can explore with clean dry hands over rough ground, up hills and even over obstacles.

The MT Evo is a Mountain Trike adapted for riders with limited hand function – inclusive, all-terrain, self-propelled, versatile and available in any colour and just as good looking as the Mountain Trike original.

The Evo has been developed working closely with Tetraplegics, Quads, and other customers with limited hand function.

The eTrike from Mountain Trike is an electric assist all terrain wheelchair. Perfect for those who would like some assistance to travel off road or active users who want to go further, faster or tackle more challenging terrain.

Key features

  • Throttle – Throttle grip or thumb lever adaptable for different users needs such as those with the use of one arm or who have less strength or limited wrist movement, Simple and easy to use.
  • Motor – 250W, 36V Hub Motor with 5 power settings offering a max speed of 8mph.
  • Battery – 12.8Ah, 36V lithium ion battery which includes main charger.
  • Display – LCD screen with speed, distance, average speed, max speed and power settings.
  • Direct steering – The unique direct drive steering means that you can steer and drive the Trike with only one hand! The steering gives excellent control for the smooth turns and an easy ride across slopes.
  • Air suspension – gives you smooth and comfortable ride when travelling over rough terrain, rocks, curbs and cobbles. Trike is highly stable.
  • Hydraulic disc brakes – gives you great control and braking in all weather, over rough terrain and steep hills. Adaptable and adjustable to suit you.




Mountain Cart is an exciting offroad vehicle designed from the ground up for the disabled user. Designed and manufactured in Europe by a company with a background in design and manufacture of ultralight aircraft and mainstream electric vehicles.

Key features

  • Lightweight Design
  • Aviation grade Aluminium Frame
  • Safe Working Load 150 kg
  • 4 x 20 inch wheels with KENDA tires
  • 2x 1500 W motors (Direct Drive)
  • Battery: Li-Ion 36 V, 2x 24 Ah
  • Brakes: Hydraulic discs
  • Weight: 85 kg with battery
  • Range: 40-60 km
  • Speed: max. 40 km/h

Zoom all terrain four wheel drive off road electric wheelchair

The Zoom is an innovative and incredible piece of mobility technology that has already provided joy and freedom to dozens of customers in the USA.

It reaches 12mph in just 2.2 seconds! This is incredible acceleration and will give you a sensation of speed that is simply not available anywhere else.

Under British law, this product can only be used on privately owned land with the landowners permission and is NOT approved for use on pavements, pedestrian zones or on any public highway.

Zoom is incredibly fun to use and drive and allows you to access terrain and areas you would never think possible in a wheelchair.




So what is the Zoom?

Zoom is a light, small and electric all-terrain vehicle for recreational use. It has a permanent symmetrical 4-wheel drive designed for use in rough terrain. The patented frame design ensures that all four wheels stay in contact with the ground regardless of the type of surface. This provides continuous 4-wheel drive performance under all conditions.

As the Zoom chair is only 100kg you can roll it around by hand and two men can lift it into a vehicle but we recommend using the aluminium ramps we offer. Zoom has a maximum speed of 12.6 mph and is suitable for use off-road, where one generally can walk without climbing.

Wearing a helmet is mandatory for safe use. Driving in sand, snow, mud, uphill or up tougher inclines is a pure pleasure. You just need to keep clear from salt water. You drive a Zoom sitting down, using arms and hands only which makes it a safe, but extraordinary driving experience.

Trekinetic GTE Mk II all terrain powerchairtrekinetic-gte-mk2-all-terrain-powerchair

The Trekinetic GTE Mk II All Terrain Powerchair Lightweight weighs only 36kg in total. It manages all terrains, giving you the freedom to go anywhere including the beach, forest trails, muddy fields and even snow! It is easy to operate and is joystick controlled.  It fits into almost any car without a hoist.


  • Ultra Low Folding now Standard Equipment with standard battery.
  • Much more compact battery box with magnetic lid catch.
  • Spare wheel retaining fixing now of much stronger virtually unbreakable design
  • Safari kit is equipped with larger design bag, capable of holding 2nd NMH battery which helps improve stability.
  • Camber Bar: Revised design: Emergency release holes now standard
  • Camber bar: New optional retrofit-able locking system.
  • Rear release clevis with comfort buttons as standard. These reduce scratching and make release easier for users with reduced hand strength
  • Extended seat with longer foam cushion for taller.
  • Handle bars with improved handlebar clamp. Eradicates unwanted movement.
  • Foam Backrest option (50mm thick)
  • Hyperforma seat now available without sides for adult use.
  • The standard battery gets you 3.5 hours of continuous use.




E-Joelette single wheel mountain all terrain wheelchair with power assist

The e-Joëlette Mountain Wheelchair with Power Assist is perfect for hiking, trekking or running on any kind of terrains, even the roughest ones and without effort!

Those with disabilities can take part in events, mountain climbs, marathons, endurance competition or long hikes for charitable events. The single wheel helps the guides navigate obstacles such as large stones, boulders and steps etc and the power assist gives that boost needed to reduce the strain and effort on the guides. Advertising panels are available to help you generate fundraising and it comes with a storage bag as standard.


Benefits of this mountain wheelchair with power assist;


  • Share outdoor activities with family, friends, associations…
  • Enjoy life together with strolls, hikes and change of scenery.
  • Push the boundaries of possibility and surpass yourself with sporting and human challenges
  • Discover the nature and new landscapes (mountains, natural parks, forests, trips abroad…)
  • Participate in races, marathons and adventure racing…
  • Discover the natural, historical and cultural heritage.

How does it work?

  • Just like an electric bike: the back guide activates the assistance only when necessary.
  • The built-in accelerator offers progressive acceleration climbing up to a top speed of 6 km/h.
  • Enables to hike battery-powered for between 2 and 4 hours depending on the climb, which represents an approximate 15km-excursion.
  • Charge-up time is around 3 hours on a typical electrical outlet.
  • The system switches automatically to freewheel whenever the electrical power delivery is off.

Joelette kid all terrain wheelchair

The Joelette Kid All Terrain Wheelchair is for children with disabilities and is an innovative new approach from recognised leaders Joelette. It is ideal for younger children with disabilities but can be used by all children too.

It is pushed the parent or adult from behind and the two wheels act like a bike as it traverses obstacles etc.

Now everyone can enjoy hiking, trail walking and running with this clever, portable wheelchair!

Key features:

  • Adjustable backrest from 90 – 108°
  • Adjustable belt
  • Memory foam backrest & seat cushion
  • Height & tilt adjustable footrest



Joelette single wheel mountain all terrain wheelchair

The single wheel Joëlette mountain wheelchair allows those with disabilities to enjoy hiking or mountain trails with the help of two guides. It is ideal for hiking, trekking or running on any kind of terrains, even the roughest ones including in the hills or mountains.

The rear guide handles the balance and the front guide controls the traction and gives the direction. Designed for both family outings and more intense sports and recreation, the Joëlette single wheel model enables anyone to access to the roughest terrains which have been so far inaccessible with a classic wheelchair. When folded, the Joëlette fits easily in a car boot and a Storage Bag is included as standard.

What can you do with your Joelette All Terrain Mountain Wheelchair?

  • Share outdoor activities with family, friends, associations…
  • Enjoy life together with strolls, hikes and a change of scenery.
  • Push the boundaries of possibility and surpass yourself with sporting and human challenges
  • Discover nature and new landscapes (mountains, natural parks, forests, trips abroad…)
  • Participate in races, marathons and adventure racing (use the advertising panels to raise funds)
  • Discover the natural, historical and cultural heritage.
The Joëlette enables mobility-challenged people to access any path on high or medium mountains and participate in an excursion in the forests, in the woods, around a lake or anywhere in the great outdoors. From the highest summits to small hiking trails, the beauty of nature is now finally accessible to anyone.
If you need some power assist – ask us about the Electric option!

What about marathons / long runs / endurance races?

The Joelette single wheel model is perfect for this! If your race or event is on more flatter ground then the dual wheel model is worth looking at too!

Joelette dual wheel mountain all terrain wheelchair

The Joëlette TWIN is an all-terrain two-wheeled chair that enables any people with reduced mobility or disability, children or adult, to get involved in hiking excursions or running activities with the help of at least two guides.

Just like the one-wheeled Joëlette, it is manoeuvred by two guides, one in the back who handles the balance and one in the front who controls the traction and gives the direction. The lateral balance makes this model more stable and easier to handle. It is ideal for running or hiking excursions on rolling terrains e.g. greenways, asphalt or gravel paths and passable tracks.

The pantograph, a patented trim correction system, enables the user and guides to overcome obstacles like holes, bumps, roots and slight cross-slopes. A removable third jockey wheel brings extra balance. It is designed for family outings, but also for more intense sports and recreation. The Joëlette TWIN enables the access to many outdoor terrains so far inaccessible with a classic wheelchair.


Benefits of this Mountain Wheelchair:


• Share outdoor activities with family, friends or colleagues.
• Enjoy life together with strolls, hikes and change of scenery.
• Push the boundaries of possibility and surpass yourself with sporting and human challenges
• Discover the nature and new landscapes (mountains, natural parks, forests, trips abroad etc)
• You can participate in races, marathons and adventure racing
• Discover your natural, historical and cultural heritage

Where is this normally used?

It is perfect for hikes, trekking on trails and events such as marathons, endurance events and charity fundraising events.

The new Triride T-Rocks Off-Road Wheelchair Power Attachment for wheelchairs knows no obstacles and is the perfect model for those who want to get off road and need optimum performance!

The double battery and the entire Triride technology is concentrated in one device and gives you the freedom and independence to go wherever you want to.

Triride T-Rocks off road wheelchair power attachment key features:

  • Powerful 2000 watt power is amazing off road and on rougher, tougher terrain and hills
  • The IBS Brake System gives incredible performance and ensures your safety
  • Weighs just 14.2kg
  • 20″ wheel with fat tyre is super comfortable
  • Adaptive Cruise Control as standard
  • Choice of colours




Triride Mad Max off road wheelchair power attachment

The Triride Mad Max Wheelchair Power Attachment offers maximum performance and maximum range. The 2000 W motor gives you amazing climbing capabilities and an incredible range of over 100km!

The Mad Max is most powerful handbike in the Triride range and ideal for those who want to go off road, tackle steep hills and need to navigate rougher, tougher terrain.

The Triride Mad Max is very comfortable thanks to the thick tyre and traction capabilities. It is great fun to drive too and helps you enjoy more freedom and independence to go wherever you want to.

Key features:

  • Equipped with a 2000w motor.
  • Up to 62 mile range with the double battery option.
  • 20″ wheel.
  • Turns your manual wheelchair into a powered trike for off-road use.