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What is a stand aid?

Stand aids are designed to help the elderly and those with limited mobility to stand up and can be used for transfers from chair to bed as well as toileting.

What are the different types of stand aids?

We supply both electric stand aids and non-powered / manual stand aids.

Manual / non-powered stand assists require the patient to be able to pull themselves up into a standing position using the handles. Some of these come with seat flaps that drop down behind the patient so they can sit whilst being transferred.

Electric stand aids are used for patients who are unable to to pull themselves up into a standing position but can weight bear for a short period. These devices are equipped with slings and are powered by a battery. The carer uses the hand control which raises and lowers the patient in a smooth & continuous movement.

We supply stand aids that split apart for easy transportation and storage. We also stock a range of stand aids accessories such as support slings to assist the user into a standing position.

Things to consider when choosing the right stand aid:

Weight capacity: We have plenty of stand aids to suit a wide range of users within different weight categories including;

100 – 159 kg

160 – 199 kg

200 kg & over

You can easily navigate our range of stand aids on our online store.

Use the filter on the left hand side to find your perfect model depending on the stand aid type (electric or manual) battery type, frame type & even by patient size!


Manual / Non-Powered Stand Aids

Etac Turner Pro Stand Aid


Etac turner pro sit to stand aid offers safe patient turning with standing support.

Key features

  • Compact – only 7.5kg, the turner pro is easy to transport
  • Angled leg support – Easy to adjust to whatever height is needed.
  • Contrasting coloured handle – Orange handle helps users with impaired vision or dementia. Also offers grip many grip possibilities for both carer and user.
  • Functional base plate – easy to turn with anti slip function. Works well on different flooring materials including carpets.
  • 200 kg Max user weight

Locomotor Rotastand


The Rota Stand allows an assisted transfer from one seated position to another.

Key features

  • Allows a safe, smooth and controlled swivel transfer
  • Reduces the need to “hold” a patient during a transfer
  • Encourages an independent and dignified transfer
  • Height adjustable frame to suit all
  • Foot pedal break to secure turn-table
  • Central wheels for easy positioning
  • Angled shin pad for correct standing position
  • 160kg weight limit
  • Height adjustable shin pad

Oxford Switch Sit to Stand Aid


Key features

  • Encourages participation and independence.
  • Safe working load 180kg
  • Versatile and easy to manoeuvre.
  • Easy to transport and store.
  • Adjustable knee pad and optional padded covers.
  • Ergonomic design.
  • Optional patient handling belt for additional support.
  • 5 year warranty.

Molift Raiser Pro


Molift Raiser Pro. The ergonomic platform for a safe and active sit-to-stand transfer

Key features

  • Versatile multi point grip handle
  • Central Braking Mechanism
  • One-hand adjustment
  • Low step-on height – base height 35 mm
  • Easy to disassemble for transportation by car and storage
  • Max User 170 Kg

Able Assist Patient Transfer Aid


The Able Assist Patient Transfer Aid provides a safe and easy solution for a Carer wishing to transfer a client. It offers the same functionality as the Arjo Sara Stedy model but at a more affordable price.

Key features

  • Very manoeuvrable and light to use
  • A substantial aluminium robust frame
  • Maximum user weight limit of 185 Kg
  • Available in a fixed Leg version or adjustable legs that widen out to go around chairs
  • Safe transfers between rooms
  • Ideal toileting aid

Rotunda Pro Lite Transfer Platform


Rotunda Pro Lite transfer platform.  New lightweight model reduced from 22 Kg to 11kg

Key Features

  • New Foot pedal operated easy placement under feet
  • Rotates easily and locks in position
  • New Lightweight design only 11 Kg
  • Range of options
  • Made in UK
  • Safe working load 250 kg
  • Extra wide frame available: 52 cm between handles (standard version is 43 cm)
  • Or choose the height adjustable version (72 – 90cm).

Arjo Sara Stedy


The Arjo Sara Stedy is a light and mobile support aid that allows patients and residents that are more mobile to stand up in a range of care situations.

Key Features

  • Innovative pivoting seat improves transfer efficiency and patient stability.
  • Pedal-operated chassis legs adjust easily for optimum access during transfers.
  • Handgrips integrated in the seat allow the carer to easily turn the support aid.
  • Knee support:provides extra stability or firm support when a patient cannot fully control leg movements.
  • New total-lock castors provide complete stability when the aid is stationary.
  • Smaller castors and redesigned legs mean a lower chassis for better access
  • Safe Working load 182kg
  • Compact version available for smaller sized patients

Handicare Romedic Quickmove Transfer Aid

QuickMove has a stable construction and can manage users weighing up to 170 kg/375 lbs.

Key features

  • Small and convenient
  • Stimulates a natural movement pattern
  • Adjustable buttock cushions that can be angled
  • Adjustable lower leg support/knee-brace
  • Adjustable base width
  • Accessories for extra support and security are available
  • Safe working load 170 kg

Electric Stand Aids

Invacare ISA Stand Aid


Invacare ISA Stand Assist is the new replacement hoist for the popular Reliant 350 hoist which has now been discontiunued.  The ISA builds on the success of the Reliant with a number of new innovative features

Key features

  • Features a range of adjustments to suit many body types.
  • 160kg max user weight.
  • Easy to dissmantle without any tools for easy transportation and storage.
  • Extendable lifting arm – can be adjusted to 9 different positions.
  • Ergonomic hand grips fits the natural shape of the hand.
  • Lower leg support cushion provides 6 height settings with a swivel ergo support option for optimum comfort and protection of the knees and calf areas.
  • Height adjustable foot plate with removeable heel block.
  • Sling hooks for quick intuitive sling attachment.
  • Leg band padded accessory for extra comfort. Easy to exchange and washable.
  • Curved legs for easy manoeuvering around chairs and toilet bases.

Molift Quick Raiser 1


Compact design and excellent maneuverability even in narrow spaces.

Key Features

  • Molift signature unique design imitates natural standing movement
  • 160 kg safe working load
  • Lightweight frame only 38.4 kg incl battery
  • Extra low base with narrow front for easy access.
  • Stable platform and easy to manoeuvre.
  • Automatic service notification.
  • Height adjustable and reverseable Knee pads
  • All Molift lifts are equipped with an environmentally friendly NiMH-battery.

Oxford Journey Folding Stand Aid


Compact, portable and exceptionally versatile.

The new Journey stand aid from Oxford incorporates the latest design and manufacturing technologies to produce the most compact and portable, folding stand aid on the market today.

Key Features

  • Safe working load 155kg / 24st / 342lbs
  • Compact folding design for easy storage and transportation
  • Unique adjustable cow horn function accommodates a range of patient sizes
  • Smart Monitor diagnostic and service controls as standard
  • Ergonomic design considerations and interaction points
  • Height adjustable knee pad with retractable safety belt
  • Removable foot tray for walking/rehabilitation activity

Oxford Ascend Standing Aid


Key features

  • Safe working load 170kg / 27st / 375lbs
  • Smart Monitor diagnostic and service controls as standard
  • Powered leg positioning for excellent access around furniture
  • Ergonomic design considerations and interaction points
  • Removable foot tray for walking/rehabilitation activity
  • Height adjustable knee pad

Molift Quick Raiser 2


Sit-to-stand hoist with electrically adjustable leg base

Key Features

  • Molift signature unique design imitates natural standing movement
  • 160 kg safe working load
  • Lightweight frame only 36 kg
  • Electrically adjustable legs
  • Unique wheel positioning
  • Stable platform and easy to manoeuvre.
  • Automatic service notification.
  • Height adjustable and reverseable Knee pads
  • All Molift lifts are equipped with an environmentally friendly NiMH-battery.

Molift Quick Raiser 205


Molift Quick Raiser 205 is a state of the art sit-to-stand hoist, with an electrically adjustable leg base and an outstanding lifting capacity.

Key Features

  • Stable – excellent weight distribution and max user weight capacity of 205kg
  • Compact – small turning radius allows it to operate in very narrow spaces. Fits under most beds.
  • Easy to manoeuver – electrically adjustable legs enables accessibilty almost anywhere.
  • Natural pattern of movement – encourages a natural sit-to-stand pattern or movement.
  • Safe and comfortable – Active lifting arm (four point spreader bar) and RgoSling provides maximum support when hoisting.
  • Automatic warning – for periodic inspection and service.
  • New operation panel and hand control provides intuitive and safe operation
  • Includes guide for sling application and safe use.
  • Choice of castor size – small castor option (Ø 50mm), it is only 7,5 cm high (3”), and fits under most beds
  • Choice of electric opening leg or fixed legs

Oxford Elevate Stand Aid


The Oxford® Elevate is a high performance active lift designed to improve the lifting experience for both the caregiver and the patient. It is both sturdy and compact with a maximum safe working load of 200kgs.

  • Safe working load 200kg / 31st / 440Ibs
  • Smart Monitor diagnostic and service controls as standard
  • Ergonomic design considerations and interaction points
  • Easy to adjust knee pad with retractable safety belt
  • Removable foot tray and cover for walking/rehabilitation activity
  • Powered leg positioning for excellent access around furniture

Horcher Kids Raisa Sit to Stand Aid


Horcher Kids Raisa is a sit to stand hoist designed especially for children.   Featuring a unique powered height adjustment of the knee blocks, the Raisa provides safe and fully upright standing transfers

Key features

  • 3-Way spreadable base
  • 4 x 100mm diameter casters, 2 with breakes
  • Motorized adjustment of kneepads
  • 3 footplate height adjustments
  • Emergency Off button
  • Hand controls
  • Additional Up/Down controls
  • Mechanical emergency lowering
  • Low battery indicator, Eco battery
  • Maximum lifting capacity 350 lbs / 160 kg
  • 2-point clips suspension

Stand Aid Accessories

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