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Leading manufacturer of ultralight aircraft brings their expertise to all terrain vehicles designed for those with disabilities!

The EV4 Mountain Cart really is a giant leap forward for anyone with a disability who wants to enjoy more places than ever before. It has been designed from the bottom up with disabled users in mind and has been created to allow access to mountain paths, steep hills and previously inaccessible terrain.

Often we see attempts at developing off road vehicles for people with disabilities but the Mountain Cart opens up so many more opportunities for users. It has been tested in extreme weather conditions such as snow covered mountain passes and is equipped with four 20 inch wheels with Kenda tyres.

The manufacturer specialises in the design and manufacturer of more mainstream electric vehicles and also ultralight aircraft and they have brought this knowledge and experience to the EV4.  The lightweight design incorporates an aviation grade aluminium frame meaning it weighs in at just 85kg including the batteries but can offer a maximum user weight of 150kg. It is blisteringly fast at 40kph and the integrated motors in wheels offer direct drive. Hydraulic disc brakes help you come to a stop quickly too.

The standard motors are a whopping 1500 watts but incredibly these can be upgraded to 3000 watts so really do give you all the power you will ever need. The range is up to 60 km so you really don’t have many limits as to what you can explore and enjoy.


The manufacturer are known for design and manufacturing innovation and their use of tilting systems within their vehicles – the Mountain Cart does not utilise this feature so that it is closely aligned to the needs of disabled users.


Transferring into the Mountain Cart is straight forward and the low base helps with this and provides a low centre of gravity. This becomes an additional advantage when navigating tricky terrain or when increasing speed by offering more control and traction.

A really popular feature is the luggage rack that can store up to 20kg of bags and kit – just perfect for those longer adventures or a hefty picnic perhaps!

Travelling over rough and tough terrain is pretty much unavoidable on mountain paths and extreme environments but any bumps or humps are minimised by the bicycle shock absorbers, Kenda 20″ tyres and the comfortable seat which is also adjustable.

The batteries are on a concealed shelf under the rack at the front and are easy to access (Li-Ion 36v / 2 x 24Ah).


Our helpful and friendly team are on hand to have a chat with you at any time regarding this amazing solution. Just call us on 028 92 67 70 77 and we can discuss everything further.


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Technical specification:

  • Drive: 2x 1500 W motors (Direct Drive)
  • Battery: Li-Ion 36 V, 2x 24 Ah
  • Brakes: Hydraulic discs
  • Width: 99 cm
  • Length: 160 cm
  • Height: 145 cm
  • Weight: 85 kg with battery
  • Range: 40-60 km
  • Speed: max. 40 km/h
  • Suspension: 4 shock absorbers
  • Tires: KENDA 20×2.35
  • Frame: riveted aluminium
  • Swing-arms: welded steel