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The Alumina mobility scooter and its more powerful bigger sibling – the Alumina Pro mobility scooter – have arrived and are part of a new breed of lightweight mobility scooters that promise enhanced performance and range.

So how do the Alumina Scooter and the Alumina Pro scooter measure up?

At first glance, both the Alumina mobility scooters look well built and extremely tidy. The single colour available is a fresh silver / grey and the coloured absorption springs provide a hint of quality underneath.  The seat looks and indeed feels comfortable and sturdy and the integrated design of the battery box compliments the overall attractive look. It dismantles easily as you would expect meaning it is straight forward to put into the boot of the car.

All four wheels are 19cm / 7.5″ so are absolutely ideal for use around the shops, local streets and anywhere indoors but they would not be designed to tackle significant obstacles or or any rougher or tougher terrain.

The key feature of the range of Alumina scooters is the lightweight nature of the Lithium battery. A Lithium battery is much lighter than older gel batteries while being far more durable and offering a longer life span – a win / win scenario for the user.

Lithium batteries do not have the same charging issues as older gel batteries and we really would expect that the move towards Lithium power will continue for the foreseeable future.

A quick glance ‘under the hood’ of the make up of the Alumina scooter and the Alumina Pro shows the use of an aluminium box section chassis. This innovation replaces the use of a steel chassis so once again helps reduce the overall weight to help you lift it and manage it – plus providing an extended range through more efficient use of its power.

There is ample leg room and the adjustable tiller makes it simple to find your most comfortable driving position. Adjusting it is as easy as you would expect.

Is it comfortable?

In short – yes. The padded seat is 18″ wide and the all round suspension system help you get over bumps and humps very easily.

What is it like to split it and lift the Alumina scooters?

Splitting the Alumina scooter and the Alumina Pro is very straight forward and similar to many other mobility scooters in this class. The Alumina scooters separate into five parts and the heaviest part weighs in at 9.88kg with the total combined weight being 33kg for the Alumina and 34kg for the Alumina Pro.

You may be doing the splitting apart on your own, or may get assistance from a friend or family member but naturally anyone will need to have the strength in their hands and wrists to split the pieces apart and also the ability to lift the guts of 10kg up into the boot.

What is the range of the Alumina scooters?

The listed range is 15 miles on the standard Alumina and 30 miles on the Alumina Pro which is the longest range of any boot scooter available on the market today.

We haven’t went that full distance to test it to failure but the battery usage certainly supports this range expectation. That should be more than sufficient for anyone’s needs but if you do have that further distance to travel then the Alumina Pro model would be a better choice.

The battery on the Alumina scooter is  24v 19.35ah Lithium while the Alumina Pro has a 24v 35ah Lithium battery. They both share the same motor which is 24v 200 watt.

Can I travel with the Alumina Scooter?

Yes – the Alumina standard model has a smaller battery that is approved for airline travel. The design is perfect for use through the airport too and so simple to drive and operate.

What are the pro’s and con’s of the Alumina scooter range?

If you are looking for a modern, lightweight mobility scooter that is easy to use, reliable and simple to split and transport then the either of the Alumina models could be ideal. Both have a maximum user weight of 18 stone / 115kg too.

Pro’s of the Alumina scooters;

  • Lightweight chassis and Lithium battery really reduces the weight compared to similar scooters in its class
  • Attractive, modern and contemporary design
  • All round suspension help tackle bumps and humps
  • Easy to split apart and lift into the boot of the car – heaviest part just 9.98kg
  • Longest range of any boot scooter of 30 miles and enhanced maximum user weight will suits loads of people
  • Perfect for use around your local area and in and out of the shops etc
  • Comfortable seat that is 18″ wide
  • Decent ground clearance of 2″ and good turning radius of 49″
  • Smaller battery available for approved airline travel

Con’s of the Alumina mobility scooters;

  • Not designed for off road use or really rough or tough terrain
  • The splittable nature of any boot scooter may not suit some people in regards to dexterity or strength to lift it into the boot of your car
  • There is just one colour available at present

Overview of the Alumina mobility scooters:

We consider this range to be the leading light of the new generation of lightweight, more powerful mobility boot scooters. They offer great performance along clever design and really make use of the these new innovations in technology and materials.

Why would you choose a scooter that weighs more, travels less distance and costs more?

This scooter range is here to stay and we expect both models to a big hit throughout the UK and Ireland for the foreseeable future.

Alumina Pro Mobility Scooter

Key Features

  • Aluminium Chasis
  • 30 miles range
  • Splits into 5 pieces
  • heaviest piece only 10 kg
  • Total weight 334 kg
  • 24V 37.2 Ah Lithum Battery (893 Wh)
  • Powerful 200 W Motor

Alumina Pro mobility scooter

Key Features

  • Aluminium Chasis
  • 30 miles range
  • Splits into 5 pieces
  • heaviest piece only 10 kg
  • Total weight 334 kg
  • 24V 37.2 Ah Lithum Battery (893 Wh)
  • Powerful 200 W Motor