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Wheelchair handcycles Ireland – Home demonstrations available

We are a leading supplier of disabled cycling products in Ireland.

We supply a wide range of wheelchair handcycles including recumbent performance hand cycles, recreational handcycles, handcycle attachments which fit to your everyday wheelchair & special needs trikes.

Our attachment systems are available in a choice of manual and electric add-on devices used to convert your manual wheelchair into a trike style vehicle.

We carry a wide range of demonstration stock so whatever your requirements why not get in touch to arrange a test drive. Check out our full range of handcycles below or call 028 92 677 077 to arrange your test drive.

Wheelchair handcycle demonstrations, Ireland

Wheelchair handcycles

Top End Li’l Excelerator Childrens Handcycle

For children and small users 42″ to 60″.

childrens hand cycle Tel 028 92 67 70 77

The ideal first handcycle for children and smaller users. Features reverse braking, 7 gears and upright style of the frame means you can transfer in and out easily.

It is delivered fully assembled – you just need to attach the rear wheels.

Adjustable features so it grows with the user:

  • Adjustable seat
  • Adjustable back height
  • Adjustable tension upholstery
  • Adjustable crank height

100kg max user weight.

Wide range of accessories available.

Top End Li’l Excelerator 2 Handcycle

for children and small users 42″ to 60″.

Wheelchair handcycle for kids Ireland Tel 028 92 67 70 77

The Topend Lil Excelerator 2 is a stable and very maneuverable handcycle. It is ideal for first-time handcyclists.

The unique frame is designed for easy transfers.

Compared to the first model this is less expensive and has 3 speeds.

Standard safety features include reflectors, chain guard, footrest, safety straps, safety flag, cushion, parking brake and seat restraint.

Max user weight 100kg.

Adjustable features so it grows with the user:

  • Adjustable seat
  • Adjustable back height
  • Adjustable tension upholstery
  • Adjustable crank height

Top End Excelerator Handcycle

Designed for adults. 3 seat widths available 16, 18 or 20″

Top End Excelerator Hand Cycle in Ireland Tel 028 92 67 70 77

You can reach speeds of up to 15mph!

7 speeds

  • Adjustable seat
  • Adjustable back height
  • Adjustable tension upholstery
  • Adjustable crank height
  • Adjustable height / angle footrest

Easy transfers thanks to the upright frame design.

Max user weight 158kg

Rehatri Handcycle

Rehatri handcycle

This Rehatri 24″ Hand Cycle has been specifcally designed to help wheelchair users enjoy cycling and allow you to improve your fitness.

It is best suited to those who have more control in their arms rather than their feet and the very comfortable seating position makes this a very enjoyable product to use.

The seating position is adjustable and anyone who is used to a normal wheelchair position will find this comfortable.

Product features:

  • Fully equipped pedal back braking system
  • Ultra comfortable, fully adjustable seat
  • 7 speed hub gear
  • Wide wheel base for stability and maneuverability
  • One size

 Product size dimensions:

  • Height: 43″
  • Width: 29″
  • Length: 83″
  • Weight: 29kg

Mission semi recumbent handcycle


Designed with speed, comfort and versatility in mind.

Offers a natural seating position – the user will be upright whilst using this bike.

The seat is low and is extra large so both feet can be placed flat whilst seated.

Product features:

  • Very low, extra large seat
  • Fully adjustable backrest
  • Comfort handlebars
  • Alloy rims
  • Semi slick tyres
  • Front wheels 16″
  • Rear wheels 20″
  • 7 speed gripshift gears with rear derailleur
  • Triple front chainring 52, 42, 32. rear 14T to 28T
  • Rear disc brake
  • Front V brake

Product Dimensions:

Height: 47″ (119.5cm)

Width: 28″ (71cm)

Length: 73″ (185.5cm)

Weight: 29kg

Top End XLT Handcycle

Ideal for off road use and perfect for long distance


Topend XLT features low maintenance 7 speed hubs with reverse hands on braking.

Equipped with a safety flag, full composite chain guard, cushion and seat/chest restraint as standard for comfort and safety.

Will handle any terrain whether you are riding around town or taking a spin in the countryside.

Users can reach up to 20 mph!

Choice of seat width 15 or 17″

Adjustable features include:

  • Adjustable seat, back angle and crank height
  • Adjustable footrest system

26″ high performance wheels

Max user weight 113kg

Handcycles that clip on to your wheelchair

Dragonfly manual wheelchair handcycle

Clips onto your everyday wheelchair

Use of the Dragonfly reduces strain on the users shoulders when travelling on long journeys or tackling a steep gradient.

  • Attaches to your wheelchair in seconds with the new 2 point lever activated attachment
  • Turns your wheelchair into a recreational exercise machine
  • Fingertip control of brakes and gear shifter
  • Index shifter mounted on handle for easy gear changes
  • 8 speed transmissions
  • Frame comes apart without the need for tools – easy to store and transport
  • Handles are removable without tools
  • Lightweight design
  • Dual Braking system
  • Weight 11.4kg
  • Maximum weight 130kg

e-Dragonfly electric assist handcycle

electric assist kicks in when you get tired

  • Attaches to your wheelchair in seconds
  • Fits to most manual wheelchairs (contact us for compatibility)
  • Five power assist levels with fingertip control of brakes and gear shifter
  • Index shifter mounted on handle for easy gear changes
  • 250W electric assist motor with disc and V-brake
  • Removable lightweight lithium battery
  • Frame comes apart without tools for transport and storage
  • Excellent 20 mile range (4 hour charging time)
  • Weight 12.5kg
  • Max user weight 130kg

Triride Tribike manual wheelchair handcycle

Manual handcycle attachment for your current wheelchair


Key features

    • Lightweight only 9kg and compact for easy storage and transportation.
    • Easy to use racing pedals with adjustable pedal position.
    • Quickly attaches to your manual wheelchair.
    • Reduces strain on your shoulders and helps you tackle steep gradients.
    • 20″ wheel
    • Stainless Steel and aluminium frame
    • Racing pedals and handles
    • Adjustable pedal position
    • 8 Speed hub gears
    • double brake, disc and rim v brake for smooth braking
    • 9,7 kg weight
    • Choice of std colour or customised colour

E TriBike Hybrid wheelchair handcycle

power assist can be started from 2-3 backward pedals or pushing a button


Key features

    • Fits to most manual wheelchairs in seconds
    • Easy docking system
    • E Tri-Bike Hybrid wheelchair handcycle is light (11kg) and compact (16″ wheel).
    • The motor is limited to 250W and top speed is 15.5mph.
    • TriBike uses the same attaching system is the Triride.
    • Assistance from the motor can be selected from 5 levels.
    • The power assist can be started from 2-3 backward pedals or pushing a button.
    • Electronic control unit
    • Bicycle style 7 gear transmission used to adjust and balance the manual strength and level of the motor assistance

Technical specification 

    • 250W Hub Engine
    • Stainless steel and aluminium frame
    • Racing pedals and handles
    • Adjustable pedal position
    • Pedal assisted sensor PAS
    • 16” wheel with integrated motor
    • Seven-speed gearbox
    • 36 V Lithium-ion battery
    • Electronics by Triride
    • Electrical assistance start / climb
    • Double disc brake
    • LCD Display with 5 assistance level
    • Weight: 11 Kg
    • Max speed with motor assistance 15mph

Racing wheelchair handcycles

Top End Force 3 handcycle

Ideal for someone to get started in handcycling or want to try entry level competition

Top end force 3 handcycle in Ireland Tel 028 92 67 70 77

Force 3 features a wrap around frame design, upgraded cable driven parking brake with upper chain ring derailer and disc brakes.

There are a variety of adjustments and 27 speeds making it the perfect fit for a wide range of users.

Two seat widths available 15″ or 17″

The wrap around frame offers more ground clearance and a higher transfer seat height.

30 speeds!

High performance wheels

Comes standard with safety flag, chain guard, seat and back cushions, seat straps and drafting bumper.

Max user weight 17.8 stone

Top End Force G handcycle

Excellent performance for tough competiors


The perfect handcycle to Gut It Out! The adjustable, trunk-powered, upright position maximizes your abdominal, arm, shoulder and chest muscle power.

Turn fast and smooth with our steering damper system – with 30 speeds and braking at your fingertips!

The Force G Handcycle can be considered a cross trainer and is used by athletes classified as an H4 or H5.

Range of adjustments for your ultimate power position – adjustable back angle (55°-90°), back height, leg rests, crank height and seat position.

It’s a great core workout and allows you to see the traffic a bit easier than the recline-only positioned handcycles.

Top End Force Kneeling handcycle

Competitive wheelchair handcycle for amputee athletes


Used by UCI World Champs, the 30-speed Top End® Force™ K Handcycle is a kneeling handcycle available with a choice of two custom, made-to-measure designs.

For above knee amputee athletes.

Made to measure chair which requires your precise measurements – for athletes who train to win!

Top End Force RX handcycle

The most competitive handcycle in the Force Series!

Top End Force RX Handcycle in Ireland Tel 028 92 67 70 77

• The Force RX Handcycle is designed to deliver hypersonic speed in a lightweight aerodynamic package.

• The 7005 aluminum heat-treated frame is fabricated with slick one piece side frames, plus the adjustable feather weight carbon fiber back is ultra-light and super stiff.

• The Force RX Handcycle is a completely customized racing machine which includes a SRAM GX 30 speed drivetrain. Or, upgrade to top-of-the-line electronic shifting, SRAM eTap or Apex fork-mounted shifters and components.

• Custom built to the athletes specifications.

• 26″ high performance wheels

Quickie Shark RT handcycle

The first choice handbike for professional athletes

Quickie Shark in UK and Ireland from John Preston Healthcare in Lisburn, UK with FREE delivery

The Shark RT offers more adjustability and flexibility, which means you can achieve your optimum position to rule the road.

  • Integrated lower leg length adjustment for individual user needs. Simple to adjust and very clean look.
  • The parking brake secures the Shark RT from rolling forwards or backwards. This allows for safe transfer in and out of the handbike.
  • The new, innovative backrest provides maximum performance thanks to its ergonomic adjustability. The independently adjustable back elements help to enhance the performance of the driver and allows for optimal power transfer.
  • The NEW front fork offers a lightweight yet rigid solution. They can be adjusted in several positions in height as well as in depth providing more flexibilty for all users.
  • The connection between frame and fork is extremely stiff. That gives more energy for propulsion and the efficiency of the bike is much higher

Top End Force NRG handcycle

Carbon fibre seat pan and backrest designed to improve shoulder positioning & a lower center of gravity provide efficiency and power.


Designed with details and winning in mind, the Top End® Force™ NRG Handcycle is the most competitive handcycle designed to date by Invacare.

The completely redesigned Force NRG Handcycle frame is lightweight and designed for 20” rear wheels.

A carbon fiber seat pan and backrest is designed to improve shoulder positioning and a lower center of gravity provide efficiency and power.

NEW Power-Arc Fork features a single main beam and double wishbone for front wheel stability on the upper and lower chainstays. With the weldment weighing in at only three pounds in a standard configuration, the Power-Arc Fork is our lightest fork design yet. Every Force NRG Handcycle fork is subject to strict quality testing.

Elite cyclists will appreciate the drivetrain and gearing characteristics designed specifically for SRAM eTap Wireless Electronic Shifting and double chainring options. The design features hybrid ceramic bearings pressed into a CNC machined aluminum shell permanently bonded in the fork. To keep the bearings seated, a wavy washer is used to apply a small axial load.

Inspired by industry experts, the Force NRG Handcycle features hinged fork clamps that only require one screw in each clamp. This handcycle is travel ready!

Top End Eliminator NRG racing wheelchair

Top End’s fastest, lightest, stiffest and most responsive ride


A carbon fiber main frame provides increased tensile and yield strength, giving racers a smooth ride and controlled handling while the 200-gram full carbon fork features an aerodynamic design that flows into the headtube, creating clean lines for a sleek appearance.

A tailored and fitted hybrid cage gives athletes the ability to fine tune their positioning, so they can optimize their power transfer to the ground. A new and improved racing compensator improves turning radius and zero-play confidence.

A multi-position brake lever can be placed anywhere on the steering handle to accommodate the racer’s preference.

Special needs trikes

Tomcat hand propelled trike


The Tomcat Hand Propelled Trike is designed for users of 4 years to adults who suffer near to total leg paralysis.

Its innovative and advanced engineering provides the simplest, easiest, most user friendly machine possible.

  • Features:
  • Customer built to individual specifications!
  • Low friction, smooth belt drive
  • can be fitted with a Carer Control system, for the parent to brake, steer and aid propulsion from behind
  • Easily adjustable – allows for individual growth and multi-users
  • Single/multi speed drives
  • Innovative Joystick – Safe one hand cycling
  • Easy gear change and secondary braking and steering

Tomcat cycle squad

a road trike for riders with mild to profound and multiple disabilities and suitable for teenagers through to adult.


  • Robust fixed frame
  • Telescopic crank and sliding seat, rapid adjust (rider stays seated)
  • Swivel Seat and Backrest with remote (handlebar operation)
  • Single speed fixed drive, or 5 speed hub drive
  • Drum front wheel and rear axle, disc braking
  • Differential Rear Axle
  • Removeable Basket and basket bracket
  • Park Brake
  • Front and Rear Lights
  • Cushion seat and backrest

Tomcat Bullet special needs trike

A versatile, multi-speed trike for leisure, shopping and everyday use

The Tomcat Bullet is an outstandingly versatile 5-speed machine that is ideal for shopping and everyday use, but lightweight, fast, and comfortable enough for sports and leisure too.

Its low sitting posture, differential drive, and rear axle disc braking, make it highly stable when cornering fast or braking hard.

Tomcats superb, “Removable Basket and Carrier” comes as optional extra, and the Silver Bullet can be fully accessorised with foot, leg, trunk and head supports.

Electric Power Assist, Carer Control, Carer Braking and Trailer conversion are optionally available.

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