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The NEW Invacare Action 3NG Mid Wheel Propulsion (MWP) is a 6 wheel manual wheelchair designed for those who need increased stability without compromising on manoeuvrability and comfort.

With an extensive range of options and accessories this lightweight folding wheelchair can be configured to meet many individual needs.

The forward position of the rear wheels provides easier access to the handrims and enhances manoeuvrability.

This outstanding design offers a unique position, with two additional rear castors and can be easily tilted to 25°.

  • Enhanced stability compared to a standard 4 wheeled chair
  • Smooth motion, nechanical tilt for positioning – can be tilted by the user or carer.
  • Two additional rear castors to ensure stable tilt position.
  • Easy to store and transport thanks to the lightweight, foldable frame. Total wheelchair weight 17.6kg. Transport weight 11.2kg.

Enhanced manoeuvrability

With its clever design and central wheel position the turning radius is shorter compared to a standard manual wheelchair. Creating a reponsive and easy to handle driving performance.

Ergonomic efficiency

  • Easier access to the handrims
  • Position of upper limbs are in a more natural and ergonomic position
  • Less energy required for propelling
  • Less stress on the shoulders with the inline position of the persons arms

Integrated resting position

The two additional 5″ rear wheels and 25° tilt helps safely prevent any potiential pressure points arising.

The caregiver or wheelchair user can easily tilt the chair.

6 Exclusive Features

1. Mechanical tilt 25° for a comfortable resting position

2. Tilt security lever – when enabled allows the user to overcome small obstacles up to 65mm. When deactivated allows the chair to tilt 25°.

3. Swing away detachable armrests to facilitate transfers.

4. Enhanced manoeuvrability.

5. Cable actuated brakes – follows the centre wheel position. The chair can be securely parked even in the tilted position.

6. Compact lightweight design – for easy transportation and storage.



6 wheels for enhanced stability compared to standard 4 wheel wheelchairs


25° tilt for pressure relief


Easy to store and transport thanks to the lightweight, foldable frame. Total wheelchair weight 17.6kg. Transport weight 11.2kg.

Invacare Action 3NG Mid Wheel Propulsion Wheelchair

The ideal wheelchair for care homes


Our mobility showroom is in Lisburn, Northern Ireland