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New solution to help improve access into Cemeteries and Graveyards released

A major issue in Cemeteries and Graveyards in the UK and Ireland is soft, wet ground which causes dificulty for both wheelchair users and heavy vehicles to safely access the Cemetery.

We offer great solutions for both of these problems – both developed by Deschamp in France who are a global leader in developing safe access solutions for challenging terrain.

These solutions are ideal for Cemetery managers to help ensure that everyone can access the cemetery no matter what their condition or abilities, and that important work can be completed without damaging the ground.

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Cemetery access for wheelchair users

Wheelchair access in cemeteries and graveyards

Mobi-Mat® RecPath Beach Access Mat was designed for safe access in graveyards or cemeteries and for use on the beach.

Suitable for wheelchairs, mobility scooters, prams, bikes and much more.

With Mobi-mat® Recpath everyone can enjoyaccess cemeteries and graveyards no matter their condition.

Key Features

• Permeable structure and 3D Design provides a comfortable surface
• Nonslip tear resistant, firm and stable surfacing
• Made of polyester, the RecPath mat can extend into the water
• Permanent or temporary access
• Most durable disabled access mat –  originally designed for Royal and US Marines corps – vehicular traffic tear resistant mat
• Environmentally friendly – 100% recylced polyester
• Extremely low maintenance


•  ADA Beach Access
•  Hotel Beach Access
•  Dune Crossing
•  National Parks
•  Cemeteries
•  Snow, Ice

Cemetery access for heavy vehicles

Heavy, large vehicle access in Cemeteries and Graveyards

New MobiTrak™ lightweight semi-rigid plates are ideal for protecting your grounds from medium tracked and wheeled vehicles or excavators and have been designed for use in;

– Graveyards and cemeteries

– Golf courses

– Landscaping projects

These strong mats are placed manually under the tracks or wheels of excavators or heavy vehicles to protect the grass or ground underneath.

They are semi rigid so are easier to handle compared to rigid mats and easier to manipulate – particularly useful in cemeteries and graveyards are anywhere that space is at a premium. They have flexible handles so can be moved simply by hand and put into place under vehicles.

Workers can move the Mobitrak plates from the rear of the vehicle to front as it progresses – this limiting expense and cost.

They are porous so do not stick to the ground and are easier to manage than HDPE plates. They also contour around the shape of the ground as needed.

The sizes available are;

1.05 metre wide x 1 metre long plates (these weigh 7.5kg each)

1.05 metre wide x 2 metre long plates (these weigh 15kg each)