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eTrike electric assist all terrain wheelchair now available in UK & Ireland.

Mountain Trike have launched eTrike an electric assist all terrain wheelchair!

eTrike features the off-road ability of the Mountain Trike but with electric assist giving you added power when needed over rough terrain.

Perfect for those who would like some assistance to travel off road or active users who want to go further, faster or tackle more challenging terrain.

Ideal for everyday outdoor use whether it be on muddy woodland trail, a trip to the shops, a walk in the park.

This revolutionary all terrain wheelchair allows you the ability to combine manual power with electric assist when you require.

  1. 1. Manual push the drive levers.
  2. 2. Power assist using the twist throttle or thumb throttle.
  3. 3. Hybrid by pushing drive levers and twisting throttle simultaneously.

Free demonstrations are available throughout the UK and Ireland – just call us today on 028 92 67 70 77


eTrike electric assist all terrain wheelchair

MountainTrike all terrain wheelchair now with electric assist!


Key features

Throttle – Throtte grip or thumb lever adaptable for different users needs such as those with the use of one arm or who have less strength or limited wrist movement, Simple and easy to use.

Motor – 250W, 36V Hub Motor with 5 power settings offering a max speed of 8mph.

Battery – 12.8Ah, 36V lithium ion battery which includes main charger.

Display – LCD screen with speed, distance, average speed, max speed and power settings.

Direct steering – The unique direct drive steering means that you can steer and drive the Trike with only one hand! The steering gives excellent controle for the smooth turns and an easy ride across slopes.

Air suspension – gives you smooth and comfortable ride when travelling over rough terrain, rocks, curbs and cobbles. Trike is highly stable.

Hydraulic disc brakes – gives you great control and braking in all weather, over rough terrain and steep hills. Adaptable and adjustable to suit you.


  • FRAME – Aluminium Frame
  • SUSPENSION – Rock Shox monarch R Air shocks
  • BRAKES – All weather SRAM Level hydraulic disc brakes
  • FOOTREST – Adjustable height footrest, flips up for transfer, removable
  • SUPPORT – Moulded comfort cushions, tension adjustable support straps, foot straps, option for seatbelt
  • SEAT WIDTH – 17inches
  • SEAT ANGLE – 20 degrees ‘bucket’ for comfort and safety
  • SEAT CUSHION – Removable foam cushion (Size 40cm), wipe clean polyester fabric
  • SEAT LENGTH – 44.7cm – 48.7cm
  • FOOTREST HEIGHT – Max foot rest height – 41cm to 48cm
  • WHEEL SIZE – 24 inches
  • OVERALL WIDTH – 74cm
  • WEIGHT – 25kg
  • BACK HEIGHT – 37cm (also adjustable forwards or backwards), higher seat backs available on request
  • RIDER – Maximum weight of rider is 100KG, Maximum height of rider is 6’4
  • MOTOR – 250W, 36V Hub Motor
  • BATTERY – 12.8Ah, 36V Lithium Ion Battery (including mains Charger)
  • SPEED – max 8mph
  • FOLD – eTrike can be folded into a cube for easy transportation.

eTrike reviews


“It has proven itself as an off-road chair, but it is now so much more capable, the user becomes much more capable. Bring on the hills!” – Tim Mabon


“Wow! Tested out the new eTrike today with Tim. I will definitely be wanting to purchase the kit when it is available. It is AWESOME! I didn’t think the Mountain Trike could get any better – but now it has some serious competition. The flexibility the eTrike will offer users is such a unique offering”. – Jane Sargeant


“What a game changer! Tim has kept all the cross country ability of the Mountain Trike and added power. I’ve used this test trike in rain, snow, mud and even through floods and it just keeps going!” – Stephen Hughes

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