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We are the leading supplier of Mercado Seating throughout Ireland

Our dedicated Product Specialists supply the full range of Mercado Seating in both the north and south of Ireland.

The range of Mercado Seating available in Ireland includes models suitable for both children and adults, along with a Bariatric model for heavier users. The Mercado range is designed in conjunction with medical professionals and are typically used both at home and also in an office or school setting.

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We work with both Occupational Therapists and private end users to help supply the most suitable Mercado Seating solution in Ireland.

Mercado Seating are renowned for their quality;

  • Ergonomic and advanced postural management. Promoting better posture and resulting in better health and well-being
  • Design – A Modular design allows us to build a chair that is tailored to you. Adaptations can be made over the lifetime of the chair, enabling us to provide the solution for years to come.
  • Advanced accessories available – With some of the most advanced accessories on the market, we are more than confident to provide the solution, even with the most complex of needs.

Mercado Medic was founded in 1971 as a response to an arising need to accommodate disability in the work place with specialist disability chairs.

Ever since they have striven towards helping people become more independent.  Their main products are manual and powered adjustable disability chairs that can grow and adapt to a users needs, size and preference.

All of their products are manufactured in Sweden to the absolute highest quality using environmentally friendly methods as much as possible.

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Mercado Paediatric Disability Chair REAL 9300/9400

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Paediatric Chair for Home & Educational Facilities

The REAL 9300/9400 allows children with various disabilities to be active whilst seated in different environments.

The adjustable functions have been developed in consultation with medical experts to provide an optimal posture whilst not restricting the child.

The height can be adjusted either by hand or using your feet.

The REAL-chair is available with manual or electric lift and can be delivered with several additional features such as – tilt in space, adjustable backrest, head rest and a brake as it is a part of the same modular system as the adult chairs.

Benefits of the REAL9300/9400 Paediatric Disability Task Chair:

The Real 9300/9400 Plus is a Children’s Disability chair, designed to be used in the Home, and in Educational facilities for younger children, resulting in replacing the disability equipment for the home with just a chair that achieves the majority of needs.

It features easy rolling castors and a weight loading brake system.

Use of this chair in the classroom helps assist individuals with various disabilities with day to day educational tasks.

Home based uses include the ability to rise up to access hard to reach places without standing and the tilt function means getting to a standing position is easier and safer.

Mercado Medic Real Mobil 6100

Freedom of Movement and Freedom of Choice

The Real 6100 is an electrically powered wheelchair for indoor use. It is constructed to give the user maximum freedom of movement in the home, at work or in school.

The chair will enable you to move around easily in cramped spaces.

The range of electric height regulation is 28cm to facilitate a correct seating position both at a desk and at high work surfaces.


  • Adjustable height, angle and depth of back support.
  • Non puncturable driving wheels
  • Adjustable footplate
  • Programmable control unit
  • Adjustable fold away arm rests
  • Mid-wheel drive
  • Dismantles for transport
  • Height range up to 28cm
  • Individual wheel suspension

Mercado Medic Real 9000 Plus Adult

The REAL 9000 Plus is an office work chair for indoor use. It is constructed to give the user maximum freedom of movement in the home, at work or at school. The chair will enable you to move around easily in confined spaces.

This chair has a gas-regulated height adjustment of 20cm – there is approximately 20cm difference between the average height of a dining table and the height of a kitchen sink.

To achieve a good working position at both, it is important for the chair to be height adjustable.

The REAL 9000 PLUS makes it easy for the user to move sideways out of the chair.

For example if you need to transfer onto a bed, wheelchair or a toilet, you simply have to place the chair next to your wheelchair or bed then apply the brake, adjust the seat to the right height lower the armrest and move across.

Mercado Bariatric Office Chair

Being overweight is often problematic in many different ways. One dilemma is that weight is incorrectly distributed – which entails aching joints, knees and back.

Finding relief in different ways is of crucial importance. A functional and stable bariatric chair provides its user relief, and with that, unnecessary wear on one’s body may be avoided.

The height adjustment is available as either manual or electric. User weight up to 275 Kg.

Comfortable and stable

To be able to sit well in a chair, while at the same time being able to move oneself both vertically and horizontally means that more independence is possible in one’s daily life, resulting in an increased quality of life.

But the demands on functionality and quality are high.

The chair must be stable and remain comfortable. Easy rolling wheels are needed for easy movement, and proper brakes for when the need arises.

At the same time, the chair’s functions should be easy to adjust. In short – the chair must function in every situation.

Freedom of choice

With different stuffed seats, double back mechanisms and lifting columns, an extra reinforced frame as well as different wheels and accessories; it is simple to combine a stable and functional chair.

Gas-spring or electric height adjustment simplify setting the correct working position.

REAL 9200 TWIN EL is a working chair, that is module built for simple individual adjustment, and is specially developed to function as a sitting/moving aid for somewhat heavier users.

The electric REAL 9200 TWIN EL also functions to advantage as a raising aid. It has a height range of an impressive 28 cm, and has the capacity to handle user weights of up to 275 kg.

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