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Are you researching folding mobility scooters ideal for car boots?

This is one of the most common issues we encounter from those researching what folding mobility scooter can be lifted and placed easily into the boot of your car.

We have worked hard to develop a range of options for you to consider and we can bring these to you at home anywhere in the UK or Ireland – or you can visit one of our fully accessible showrooms in Scotland or Northern Ireland.

Most users need their mobility scooter;

  • To be light and easy to manage

  • To fold easily

  • To fit into their boot of their car or be stored easily at home

  • To be airline approved if possible so they can travel abroad using their mobility scooter

Some of our folding mobility scooters actually open and close automatically which is perfect for those who might struggle to bend down in any way or have any significant weakness in their wrists.

The downside to these automatic models are that they are typically heavier due to the additional parts that allow it to open and close automatically.

Some models are also compatible with the portable car boot hoist called the Atlas 4 – this can be used on some models and does not require any permanent modification to your car.

Check out our range below and call our helpful and friendly team on 028 92 67 70 77 and we will be delighted to help in any way needed.

Folding mobility scooters that open and close manually

The ATTO folding mobility scooter


The ATTO is an amazing folding mobility scooter and is the most advanced folding mobility scooter available on the market today.

It features a unique splitting mechanism which makes it easy to store and to handle – the heaviest part is just 16kg!

It folds in seconds to the size of a trolley suitcase so is perfect for those looking for convenience or whilst travelling.

It can be brought on an aeroplane and fits snugly into the boot of your car.

An additional lifting handle now included as standard and it even has a USB port so you can charge your phone as you go!

It comes with a universal charger and a 10 mile range Lithium battery.

An airline battery safety certificate is included as standard.

Now with TWO year warranty (excluding battery)

Information at a glance:

Folding: Folds and unfolds manually using sequence

Splits apart: Yes, it splits easily into two pieces

Weight: The heaviest part you lift is just 16kg

Airline approved: Yes

Folded dimensions: 72cm high x 39cm long x 42cm wide

TGA Minimo Folding Mobility Scooter

The TGA Minimo is the latest model to join the TGA range of mobility scooters.

Manufactured by Heartway to the same build quality as the Vita and Aviator models, the Minimo is the best quality folding scooter on the market.

Like the Luggie and the Mobie scooters, the Minimo car boot scooter is aimed at those users who want to be able to lift their scooter into the car but do not want to have to dismantle it into pieces to do so.

The Minimo folds in easily in mere seconds. Weighing in at 24 kgs and with a maximum carrying capacity of 18 stone, the Minimo can be easily lifted in and out of a car boot.

Information at a glance:

Folding: Folds and unfolds manually

Splits apart: No

Weight: 24kg

Airline approved: Yes

Folded dimensions: 86cm long x 55cm wide x 45cm high

Yoga folding lightweight mobility scooter

The Excel Yoga Mobility Scooter is a completely foldable so you can take it anywhere.

  • 24v Light-weight lithium battery
  • Height and angle adjustable tiller to suit each individual
  • Patented Twin-front-wheels w/spring suspension system offers excellent stability during sharp turning
  • Strong light-weight alloy aluminium frame for easy folding and carrying
  • Width and angle adjustable armrests
  • Convenient hard shell suitcase for storage

Information at a glance:

Folding: Folds and unfolds manually

Splits apart: No

Weight: 26kg

Airline approved: Yes

Folded dimensions: 52cm long x 43.5cm wide x 64cm high

Automatic folding mobility scooters – check if you could lift this weight

Lightweight automatic folding four wheel mobility scooter – Foldy Pro

The Foldy Pro is our lightweight automatic folding four wheel mobility scooter.

It is ideal for travelling (airline approval certificate included) and storing in the boot of the car.

It opens and closes automatically – just push one button on the remote and it opens and closes in just 12 seconds.

It weighs 27.2kg and is powered by a Lithium airline friendly battery.

Information at a glance:

Folding: Folds and unfolds automatically by pushing a button on the key fob

Splits apart: No – Is just one piece

Weight: 27.2kg

Airline approved: Yes

Folded dimensions: 44.5cm long x 62cm wide x 65cm high

Automatic Folding Lightweight Mobility Scooter – The Foldy

  • A simple press of the remote control keyring and it folds within 20 seconds
  • Compact scooter designed to fit into small car boots
  • Lightweight folding scooter weighs in at only 20kg, making it ideal for cruises, flights and bus trips
  • Top speed of 4mph & a maximum range of 6 miles on full battery charge
  • Comes complete with padded carry bag to protect the scooter whilst in transit

Information at a glance:

Folding: Folds and unfolds automatically by pushing one button

Splits apart: No

Weight: 20kg

Airline approved: Yes

Folded dimensions: 73cm long x 44cm wide x 42cm high

Smarti Automatic Folding Mobility Scooter

The Smarti Scooter is a lightweight automatic folding four wheel mobility scooter and has a top speed of 4mph.

The Smarti can be easily folded or unfolded by remote control in under 12 seconds, providing a quick and easy transport solution for users on the go.

It gives a good range of 10 miles on a full charge and folds neatly so it can fit into the boot of your car – even small car boots. It is powered by a Lithium airline friendly battery so you can take it on holiday with you, or on the train, bus or coach.

You can of course adjust the tiller to find your most comfortable driving position and the padded seat and backrest offers comfort while driving.

Information at a glance:

Folding: Folds and unfolds automatically

Splits apart: No

Weight: 24kg

Airline approved: Yes

Folded dimensions: 43cm wide x 58.4cm high x 44cm long

Need a portable hoist for your car?

Atlas 4 Portable Car Hoist

The Atlas 4 Portable Car Hoist is an amazing hoist that can lift up to 40kg and does not require any modification to your car.

It is ideal for those who struggle to lift their mobility scooter or wheelchair into the car but cannot or would rather not permanently modify their car.

It is also competitvely priced in comparison to permanent car hoists.

It is crucial to never exceed the weight limit when using this hoist.

The Atlas 4 hoist is portable and easy to assemble which allows the user to take it away on holiday or use in more than one car.

It is not compatible with every folding mobility scooter that we offer – just call us on 028 92 67 70 77 to discuss what this great hoist can be used with.

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