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Carbon Wheelchairs try them in the UK and Ireland

Try out a range of Carbon Wheelchairs in UK and Ireland

Call us to arrange your free trial of a range of lightweight Carbon Wheelchairs

We offer free home demonstrations to allow you to try a brilliant range of lightweight active Carbon Wheelchairs made from Carbon Fibre.

Our dedicated Product Specialists are experienced, knowledgeable and friendly and will help advise what is suitable for you – and also what may not be suited to your unique needs.

This service is completely free of charge and without any obligation at all to purchase!

You may be a long term wheelchair user, or this may be something new to you. You probably want a wheelchair that is lightweight, strong and of modern design.

Why choose a Carbon Fibre wheelchair?

– Carbon Wheelchairs are significantly lighter than steel or aluminium wheelchairs. This helps so much in the day to day use of your wheelchair – simply using and moving your wheelchair is less strenuous and this can reduce strain on your shoulders over time.

– Carbon Fibre is also more flexible than steel and aluminium which means it withstands shock better too.

– They are designed and manufactured to the very highest standards to you assured of the highest quality.

– They look modern and contemporary with the option of choosing styling and colours.

– Transporting or travelling in your Carbon Fibre wheelchair becomes easier as they are simple to manouver and some models can even be folded.

What Carbon Wheelchairs do we offer?

We have developed a brilliant range from leading manufacturers such as Carbon Black, Progeo and Kuschall and an overview can be seen below – the full info is available in each link below and you can arrange your free demo and trial by phone anytime on 028 92 67 70 77

Where can you try these?

Anywhere that suits you best! We can come to you at your home or even a local park or just wherever suits you best. We advise that you think about how you can put any Carbon Wheelchair to the test so that you can be assured it suits your lifestyle and unique needs.

We will bring out a particular model or the entire range and our demonstration service is completely free of charge and without any obligation whatsoever.

Our Product Specialists will explain the features of each model and help advise if they are suitable for you. Crucially – we will also advise if they are not suitable.

The pricing for each model can be seen in each listing on our website linked below and our Product Specialists can advise on rates for any accessories or bespoke aspect if desired. They can also advise on delivery times and the order process for each type of Carbon Wheelchair.

When can you try these?

We will work around your schedule and you can discuss this directly with the Product Specialist from your area.

How do I arrange my free trial of Carbon Wheelchairs?

Simply call us on 028 92 67 70 77 and we will get you in touch with the Product Specialist in your area – it really is that simple!


Check out our Carbon Wheelchair models

Carbon Black 2 Ultimate Lightweight Wheelchair

The Carbon Black 2 is an amazing lightweight active wheelchair and weighs a mere 6.5kg fully assembled (depending on sizing and specification).

The Carbon Black 2 is a wheelchair designed solely for the user – ergonomic, sleek and contemporary and made with a focus on making life easier for you.

Carbon Black use very light and incredibly strong carbon fibre, complemented further by stylish and lightweight aluminium components for added strength and resilience.

There are four widths and four depth choices available and the Carbon Black 2 has been tested to withstand over 1200Nm force under normal operating instructions.

In addition, it looks absolutely tremendous!

This is built using a 3K material. Carbon is incredibly strong, light and durable and they have utilised monocoque structures to remove the possibility of weak joints.

The carbon is layered in such a way that it make it strong, yet not brittle and allows “flex” in the chair, resulting in a comfortable ride without sacrificing the torque or energy provided by the user.”

Carbon Black has a unique patented single stem monocoque design, which not only provides an extremely strong platform, but ensures Carbon Black is the most stylish wheelchair available today.

The one piece super-strong wheel design with integrated push-rims complete the look and provides a very stylish and comfortable ride.

Carbon Black 2 has been ISO tested to a 130kg and is manufactured by their partner who also make some of the worlds finest carbon fibre mountain and racing bikes. They therefore use the same demanding standards to ensure first rate quality and durability.

Carbon Black users regularly tell us:

  • They experience less strain on their shoulders
  • Reduced risk of trapped fingers because of the unique push-rim design
  • There is less contact with wet roads and pavements and hence less chance of illness
  • It is more energy efficient, making life easier on inclines
  • It provides a comfortable ride as the carbon fibre naturally absorbs vibration from hard surfaces
  • It offers great durability with some chairs now having been in operation for more than 5 years




Carbon Black 2 Lightweight wheelchair features;

– Made from high tech, high performance carbon fibre using the latest manufacturing techniques.

– Manufactured using high quality Toray 700 carbon fibre resulting in the same production quality and performance as high end racing bikes

– These techniques result in less bonded parts allowing for a true monocoque design with greater strength and durability.

– The Carbon Black 2 is tested to withstand over 1200Nm force under normal operating conditions

– Choice of four widths and four depths along with five leg length options

– Maximum user weight of 120kg

– Can be equipped with stylish LED lights, useful storage pouches, anti tips and a range of finishes to suit your own styling preferences

– A choice of standard carbon fibre backrest or an upgraded Tarta backrest that offers enhanced comfort and style options

– Adjustable axle positions allowing change of centre of gravity

– Quick release wheels and quick release backrest allows for easy dismantling for travel and storage

– Ability to choose type of finish

– Standard 12 month warranty with option for extended warranty


Progeo Duke Carbon Fibre Active Wheelchair with Rigid Frame


The Duke Carbon Fibre Active Wheelchair from Italian manufacturers, Progeo, is completely bespoke to your unique needs and preferences.

Made up of two frames in carbon-fibre “monocoque” with differentiated section shapes to confer resistance and reactivity.

The feeling of an extremely light made to measure wheelchair combined with a big range of adjustment possibilities.

Key features

– Bespoke made to measure to your unique needs and preferences

– Ultralight from only 5.2kg – perfect for transportation and storage making it easy to load in to your car

– You choose everything from the frame, footplate, Upholstery, colour etc.

– Choose from a range of vibrant colours


Progeo Carbomax Carbon Fibre Wheelchair with Rigid Fram


The Carbomax active wheelchair from Progeo is made of a full carbon fibre frame. It adopts the latest technologies in each detail.

Best known for its eye catching design, lightness and rigidness at the highest level, while keeping ample and simple adjustments.

An ultralight active wheelchair with rigid frame.

– Eyecatching design 

– Extremely lightweight from 10lbs

– Compact – easy to load into your car

Key features

Ultra lightweight from only 10lbs

Compact – easy to load into your car

Choose your frame type:

– Carbomax Ala Bianca with opaque finish.

– Carbomax Ala Rossa with opaque finish and carbon fibre integrated “AIR” Backrest.

You choose everything from frame type, footplates, brakes tyres, handrims etc


Progeo Noir 2.0 Carbon Fibre Wheelchair with Rigid Frame


Proego Noir 2.0 Monocoque Carbon Fibre Wheelchair with Rigid Frame is completely bespoke to your unique needs and preferences.

Every detail is accurately designed to accomplish an astonishing eye-catching and linear look.

Progeo Noir 2.0 offers unique manoeuvrability, maximum resistance and minimum weight.

– Ulralight from only 6.5kg with wheels

– Extremely compact

– Bespoke made-to-measure monocoque carbon fibre frame

Key features

– Bespoke made to measure to your unique needs and preferences

– Ultralight from only 6.5kg (with wheels) – perfect for transportation and storage making it easy to load in to your car

– Monocoque carbon fibre footplate or adjustable footplate

– Monocoque Carbon fibre mud guard

– New carbon fibre air adjustable backrest

– Choose from a range of vibrant colours


Kuschall Champion Carbon Fibre Folding Wheelchair

The chair that goes where you go, thanks to its unique folding system

The küschall Champion can easily be transported thanks to its unique folding mechanism which folds the chair to minimum size. And with a new fixation clip to secure the chair into its folded position the Champion can be safely stored within seconds.

The dynamic design created for travel

With its dynamic design the Champion is not just a functional wheelchair, but a fashionable object for every occasion.

Carbon Champion

The carbon chassis forms a very strong and lightweight chair, reducing the overall weight and improving the handling ability

Standard Features

· Active folding wheelchair

· Lockable folding frame and backrest

· Aluminium frame with two frame angles

· Starec Rear Wheels

· 14 Frame Colours

· Clothes guard

· 7 Different Seat Widths

· 7 Different Seat Depths

· 5 Back Angles

· 2 Camber Angles

Progeo Tekna Advance folding wheelchair

The new Tekna Advance folding wheelchair from Progeo.

Ultra light wheelchair with cross brace folding system for indoor and outdoor use.

Progeo wheelchairs are bespoke made to order to your exact measurements.

There are a wide options your can choose to suit your needs and lifetyle.

Key features 

Extremely compact when folding

Ultra lightweight from 10.2kg

Choose from aluminium or carbon fribre frames

Quickie Krypton F Folding Carbon Wheelchair

Quickie Krypton F – Folding Frame Carbon Wheelchair from Sunrise Medical.

The lightest, fully adjustable folding wheelchair made from aerospace engineered carbon fibre.

Its faultless formed cross-brace that fits so neatly under the seat it’s barely noticeable giving a very minimalistic, open-frame feel.

Fully adjustable & configurable, many options available to suit every users’ needs – absolutely unique in its weight range!

Key features

The lightest carbon folding wheelchair!

Created from the most advanced carbon technology available, producing a staggering strength-to-weight ratio.

Ultralight from 8.3kg combined with supreme rigidity for an ultra-responsive ride.

Revolutionary engineering

QUICKIE Krypton F is the first wheelchair made of the patented, most innovative seamless carbon braid technology.

This fully automated braid process makes it possible to build the perfect frame – strong wherever necessary, light wherever possible, manufactured with a precise and reliable automated process.

Exceptionally strong

Every part of this fully adjustable wheelchair was approved only when our test engineers were 100% satisfied with its quality.

Tested even under freezing cold or desert hot conditions (-20°C to 70°C). No aging test has worn the Krypton down – it is designed to stand the test of time!

Versatility and style

QUICKIE’s personalisation options will help you to create a wheelchair to cherish and to define a style that you can call your own.

Quickie Krypton R Rigid Carbon Wheelchair

This is the rigid frame model of the Quickie Krypton!

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