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We had a great day showcasing our range of All terrain wheelchairs and mobility technology at Disability Sport NI‘s Inclusive Outdoor Trial Day.

We had a brilliant time, catching up with customers and introducing other visitors to our product range. We offered test drives on our range inlcuding:

  • Mountain Trike All terrain manual wheelchair
  • e-Dragonfly electric assist handcycle
  • Zoom four wheel drive, all terrain / off road wheelchair
  • TGA Vita robust rear wheel drive 8mph mobility scooter
  • DaVinci all terrain / off road wheelchair

If you would like to test drive any of our off road wheelchairs and handcycles you can call us on 028 92 677 077 to arrange your assessment. Our expert team will be delighted to to arrange a time and place convenient to you.

Mountain trike all terrain manual wheelchair


The Mountain Trike is an excellent manual wheelchair designed for use on all terrain.

It is equipped with three wheels, suspension and clever lever system making it perfect for wheelchair users to enjoy the countryside in any terrain – muddy, forest parks and mountains as well as getting a good workout!

e-Dragonfly electric assist handcycle


The e-Dragonfly is an electric assist handcycle that clips onto your manual wheelchair.

Turns your manual wheelchair into a recreational exercise handcycle!

When the electric motor kicks in it reduces strain on the users shoulders when travelling on long journeys or tackling a steep gradient.

Zoom All Terrain Four Wheel Drive Off Road Wheelchair


Zoom All Terrain Four Wheel Drive Off Road Wheelchair is an entirely unique, and quite incredible piece of mobility technology.

It has been designed so you can experience joy and freedom and is capable of amazing performance in even rough terrains.

Zoom reaches 12mph in just 2.2 seconds!!

The four wheel drive system and patented frame design means you always have four wheels on the ground, regardless of the surface.

What is the Zoom?

  • Zoom is a light, small and electric all-terrain vehicle for recreational use. It has a permanent symmetrical 4-wheel drive designed for use in rough terrain.
  • The patented frame design ensures that all four wheels stay in contact with the ground regardless of the type of surface.
  • This provides continuous 4-wheel drive performance under all conditions.
  • As the Zoom chair is only a 100kg you can roll it around by hand and two men can lift it into a vehicle but we recommend using the aluminum ramps we offer.
  • Zoom has a maximum speed of 12.6 mph and is suitable for use off-road, where one generally can walk without climbing.
  • Wearing a helmet is mandatory for safe use. Driving in sand, snow, mud, uphill or up tougher inclines is a pure pleasure.
  • You just need to keep clear from salt water.
  •  You drive a Zoom sitting down, using arms and hands only which makes it a safe, but extraordinary driving experience.

TGA Vita X Off Road Mobility Scooter



The TGA Vita X is a robust, off road mobility scooter!

Equipped with full suspension, chunky tyres and a powerful 900w motor.

The Vita X can take you anywhere you want to go including forest trails, grass and muddy areas and much more!

DaVinci all terrain electric wheelchair


The new off road wheelchair from DaVinci Mobility!

Great for forest trails, beaches, fields and rough terrain.

Equipped with a full suspension system and an excellent 50mile range.

Some of the highlights of the day






TGA Vita X Scooter Forest Trails

TGA Vita X off road scooter

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