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P-pod beanbag seating system now available in Northern Ireland & Scotland.

The P-Pod is the only beanbag seating system that offers full postural support. It was developed for users with complex postural problems. The unique design combines a moulded seat within the beanbag base.

The P-Pod is made up of 3 main components – the seat pod, bolster support and beanbag.

  • Offers support for those with complex postural problems.
  • Suitable for all ages.
  • The only beanbag seat with postural support.
  • Available with a standard moulded seat or custom made to measure moulded seat.
  • Lightweight and easy to move around the house.
  • Room for growth.
  • Can be used with hoists.
  • Wide range of colours and fabrics available.
The P-Pod is available for assessments throughout Northern Ireland and Scotland. 
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P-Pod beanbag seat system

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Key features 

    • The only bean seat with postural support. Available with a standard or custom moulded seat for posture support.
    • Gives users the chance to spend time out of their wheelchair ensuring excellent postural support.
    • Lightweight and easy to move around the home.
    • Room for growth. Liners can be fitted to accomodate growth.
    • Removeable covers for easy cleaning.
    • Quilted covers available in a range of bright colours.
    • Can be used with hoists.
    • Available in a range of sizes suitable for all ages.
Made up of 3 main components – the seat pod, bolster support and beanbag.
Standard P-Pod seat is designed for clients who have body symmetry but still need extra postural support to maintain a good sitting position.
A range of standard sizes are available and the size is chosen based on the client’s measurements to ensure maximum comfort and safety.
Custom P-Pod seats are available for clients with more complex needs moulded to the client’s exact measurements.
Bean bag base to which the moulded seat is attached. Heavy duty velcro is used to secure everything in place.
The base is made from hard wearing material and like any bean bag it is lightweight and easy to move around.
Bolster – the moulded seat is supported by the bolster which improves stability. Allows the clients seating to be altered to be more upright or more relaxed when required.
The bolster ensures that any movement by the client does not affect the sitting position.
Options and accessories 
    • Mobile base that fits through standard doors, with cushioned handles, front locking castors and foot brake.
    • Tilt in space mobile base with powered tilt functions to manage very complex requirements.
    • Activity frame for use during play therapy.
    • Temperature control – thermal liner that helps maintain a comfortable body temperature.
    • Lap tray.
    • Freestanding tray – height and angle adjustable.
    • Growth liners.
    • Flip over headrest for extra support when required.
    • Foot bolster.
    • Personalised embroidery service.
Fabric options
Crushed velour or wipe clean dartex fabric.
Standard P-Pod dimensions (mm)
Measurements Micro    1    2    2.5    3     3.5     4     4.5     5     5.5     6
Hip width 177 220 250 260 260 270 310 310 360 370 420
Trunk width 160 190 220 240 240 250 270 270 320 330 340
PSD 120 210 230 260 290 290 330 350 350 420 430
Axilla height 140 220 260 260 290 290 320 330 360 380 420
Shoulder height 230 340 370 400 420 440 440 470 510 540 550
Head height 370 430 500 560 560 620 620 660 660 700 730








P-pod testimonials from customers



““Our daughter has a ‘P’Pod. It’s a great piece of kit as it looks like a beanbag and gives her another seating option – she can view the world from a different angle. We were able to use a standard seat, as opposed to the moulded one. It’s unobtrusive in the home and easy to transport and move around. She goes in the garden in it and is really happy.” – P-Pod customer

“Moulded seats are revolutionary. There are a whole host of benefits it offers both them and their carers. If corrective seating is used from an early age it makes many conditions they’re prone to preventable, or slows down deterioration. Treating early can help increase life expectancy too.” – A Clinical Community Physiotherapist