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All Ability Cycling, Edinburgh – Let’s Ride

We will be attending ” Let’s Ride ” the all ability cycling festival in Edinburgh on Sunday 24 June at the Meadows.

There will be bikes to suit all users including tandem bikes, handcycles and adapted bikes for those with special needs including our fantastic range of Tomcat Trikes and Quickie handcycles.

Tomcat trikes are custom made to suit to suit each individuals needs. The trikes are available for children from the age of 2 years old & upwards to adult sizes.

You choose everything, the handle bars, the saddle, the amount of support, whether you would like carer control (so the carer can control the trike & brake the trike), the colour. Tomcat trikes split in half to make transporting them very easy and can even be converted into a trailer trike.

Let’s Ride is a free event for all the family – come along and test drive the Tomcat special needs trikes.



Tomcat special needs trikes, Edinburgh

Tomcat tiger trike


The Tomcat Tiger Trike is designed specifically to match the narrow pelvis of small children and each trike custom-built to meet individual needs.

It can be built to be quite simple, or to be supportive depending on the rider. Additionally, the rider can be independent or they can be supervised.

It features a maintenance-free and friction-free drive system so any child can pedal it – even those children with very low muscle tone!

Small children have a narrow pelvis, but a standard pedal span rarely reflects that fact! Tomcat wanted Tiger riders’ posture to be totally natural, so we manufactured our own special crank and pedal system.

We saved a full 4.5cm on the pedal span by tucking the drive away inside the Tigers cool looking frame, because when pedals match pelvis, the legs are naturally comfortable and the Tiger becomes the ideal therapy tool for growing bodies.


  • Suitable for user heights of 70 to 95cm in two sizes  Ideal for Restricted Growth conditions
  • Can be fully accessorised with foot, leg, trunk, arm and head support orthosis
  • Fully independent, or optional Carer Control™ or Carer Braking™
  • Frictionless belt drive with disc brakes and parkbrake
  • Maintenance Free “All Internal” steering, braking and drive mechanisms
  • Tomcat’s unique “Narrow Pedal” spacing

Tomcat Fizz special needs trike



The Tomcat Fizz Trike is designed to meet the needs of both children and adults with mild to severe disabilities, whether physical, visual or learning difficulties.

Every Trike is customised to meet each individual needs.

With an attractive, stylish and sporty design the Tomcat Fizz was developed for outdoor fun and effortless use.

It is completely safe and stable, yet very lightweight and easy to assemble.

  • Carer Control™ so carer can steer and brake from behind
  • Can convert to a Trailer-Trike™ easily
  • Featuring an optional “latch on” bar
  • Optional fixed, free-wheeling or Dual Drive (fixed and free)
  • Quick-Release Frame
  • Three control options (Fully independent, Carer Controlled or Carer Braking)


Suitable for children over 95cm tall through to adults, with mild to severe visual, learning and/or physical disabilities.

Tomcat Tamara Trike


Tomcat Tamara Trike is intended for hoist users, or those with balance, coordination and overweight problems.

It is the only special needs trike in the world designed for hoist users and the design allows for simple, quick and easy transfer.

It is easily transported and assembled thanks to the two piece frame system and can be reconfigured from tricycle to trailer in just a few seconds – hitch it to an adult bike and the whole family can enjoy a cycle together!

How it Works

A swivel saddle allows the hoist to approach from either side.  When the rider is seated, the saddle swivels to the front and the backrest returns to its preset ride position.  The whole operation takes just seconds, which significantly reduces time, stress and effort for rider and carers alike.

Other Benefits.

The Tamara design is light but very rigid, making if suitable for obese riders who find they sway uncomfortably on other tricycles.  The backrest is removable which coupled with our signature “Quick-Release” frame system, makes the Tamara one of our most transportable trikes.

Features include:

  • Virtually no manual handling required
  • From hoist to riding in seconds
  • Exceptionally stable with no sway on seat or backrest
  • Wide swivel Seat and tilting backrest as standard
  • Fully adjustable with ‘memory’ return feature
  • Also suitable for obese riders
  • ‘Three piece frame’ for easy transport in seconds
  • All Tomcat features and support accessories are available
  • Easily converted to a Trailer Trike when bought as a Trailer combination

Tomcat handbike

Tomcat’s handbike is the world’s first Hand-Propelled trike that can be fitted with a Carer Control system, for the parent to brake, steer and aid propulsion from behind.


Children and adults with little or no use of their legs, amputees etc

Main Features

    • Custom Built to your childs individual needs
    • Can be fitted with Tomcat’s Patented Carer Control System
    • Low Friction – High Efficiency, Smooth, Silent (Non Oily) Belt Drive
    • Counterbalanced Rotary Motion eliminates tiring heavy spots
    • ‘Easily adjustable’ Hub Position allows for individual growth or Multi User applications
    • Single or Multi Speed Drives
    • Innovative Joystick Bar enables safe one handed cycling.
    • Joystick Bar also enables easy gear change with secondary braking and steering.
    • Lightweight and easily Transportable thanks to Tomcats Patented Quick Releasing Frame
    • ‘Hand propelled’ only or ‘Hand and Foot’ propelled
    • Trailer Bar accessory attaches Hand Cycle to a towing Bicycle
    • Full range of support accessories available.
    • Height adjustable foot supports
    • Available with Tomcat’s Carer Control systems: Full Carer Control, Carer Braking or independent rider
    • No tiring heavy spots

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