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Neater eater feeding aids, Ireland available from the experts at John Preston Healthcare.

 The neater eater range is designed to help those with limited mobility undertake tasks like eating, drinking and using their arms for everyday tasks.
 The range includes:
We offer demonstrations throughout Ireland. Our Product Specialist, Danny Gilmore can arrange assessments at our showroom or clients homes and hospital environments.
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Neater Eater manual feeding aid



Neater Eater feeding aid enables people to use their own movements to feed themselves

They are easy to use and are packed with features and accessories adaptable for people with a very wide range of abilities and needs.

The completely new sleek design manually controlled Neater Eater has built-in features such as a new food scooping system.

    • – Increases independence
    • – Encourages social interaction
    • – Helps maintain dignity
    • – Improves posture and mouth control
    • – Invigorates interest in food and mealtimes to improve nutrition
    • – Assists carers

This manual feeding aid was initially designed using viscous fluid damping, to smooth out essential tremors associated with ataxia. The new Neater Eater system has evolved to provide an eating aid which has the scope to provide solutions to a very wide range of clients with differing challenges.

The Electric Neater Eater model enables anyone who can take food from a level spoon at their mouth to feed themselves.

New Features

    • Adjustable fluid damping to enable unit to adapt from strong tremors to very weak users
    • Forward and back stops can be enabled as standard
    • Spoon self levelling mechanism now has mouth level raising function
    • New modern apperance and ultra slim baseboard
    • Easy access adjustments for spoon height and speed
Robotic option available – click here for more info.

Who Can Use It?

Suitable for people with cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, motor neurone disease, head injuries, spinal injuries, rheumatoid arthritis, muscular dystrophies, limb amputations, ataxia, strokes, Parkinson’s disease, learning difficulties and many others.



Robotic neater eater feeding aid




The V6 Robotic Neater Eater can be used by anyone who can chew and swallow, allowing for greater independence, dignity and choice when it comes to meal times.

The Robotic version of the Neater Eater has features to provide a far wider range of choices in independent eating.

It can be operated by a simple touch screen app on its supplied mobile control, or operated anywhere the user has movement, with sensitive light touch switches.

Special options include Fork action mode, excess food wipe and food deselect option.

The Robotic neater eater is easy to set up and lightweight weighing just 4.5 kg, yet sturdy enough to withstand accidental encounters.

Neater eater can be used by anyone who can take food from a level spoon. Suitable for children with muscular weakness, extreme athetoid movements, quadriplegia or upper limb function loss.

Key features

  • Spoon cycle can be paused with light-touch switch
  • Plate turns-switch controlled or automatic for each spoon cycle
  • Can be operated using a single switch
  • Mouth position easily programmed using joypad

 Manual version also available – click here for more info





Neater drinker


neater-drinkerThe Neater Drinker drinking aid allows those with limited head movement the ability to drink.

Designed with the user in mind, neater drinker helps make lives that much easier and enable a simple but effective route to hydration and nutrition.

A useful addition to the neater eater range as it has the facility of being able to work with pureed food for those on a soft food diet.

Neater drinker provides an enabling solution for users with MND or muscular dystrophy as well as cerbral palsy.

Benefits of the Neater Drinker

    • The long straw can be bent to position close to the mouth
    • Features a non-return valve inside
    • Powered version available (also suitable for puréed food)
    • Thermally insulated and fits most cup holders
    • Stable non-slip base
    • Wheelchair cup holder attachments
    • Straw holding attachments



Neater eater powered arm support


The powered Neater Mobile Arm Support enables people with muscle weakness to use their arms.

The neater eater arm support  has a uniqe power drive system, which provides power assistance to the user.

The client needs very little movement or ability to use the mobile arm supports as the power drive system negates gravity and effortlessly lifts the arms to a functional position.

The friction free arms enable a fluid movement capability and the sling frame automatically lowers the elbow on raising to bring the hand level with the mouth.

Benefits of the Neater Eater Arm Support 

    • Enables users to feed themselves
    • The mobile arm support, supports the user’s arms when using a keyboard
    • Large movement range reduces development of joint contractures
    • Arm supports helps maintain strength
    • Reduces development of postural deformities
    • Less dependence on carers
    • Encourages social interaction
    • Helps maintain dignity
    • Promotes engagement in activities and mealtimes



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