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Special Needs Trikes in Ireland through the specialists at John Preston Healthcare Group

Are you researching special needs trikes in Ireland? You might be a parent, teacher or Health professional – and you have come to the right place.

We supply the full range of special needs trikes in Ireland from leading manufacturer Tomcat. These amazing special needs trikes are custom built to suit the individual rider and our dedicated Product Specialists offer free assessments throughout Ireland.

The assessment ensures that we understand the unique circumstances of each rider and allow us to advise suitability for each model.

We then liaise directly with the manufacturer who build the trike just for the user.

Check out the video below of Jack taking his brand new Tomcat Fizz special needs trike out for a spin in Lisburn.




This model is the Tomcat Fizz

More about this model – the Tomcat Fizz special needs trike in Ireland

Special needs trikes Scotland

The Tomcat Fizz Trike is designed to meet the needs of both children and adults with mild to severe disabilities, whether physical, visual or learning difficulties.

Every Trike is customized to meet each individual needs.

With an attractive stylish and sporty design the Tomcat Fizz was developed for outdoor fun and effortless use.

Completely safe and stable, yet very lightweight and easy to assemble.

    • Improves stability with extra-long wheel base
    • Can convert to a trailer trike easily
    • Featuring an optional “latch on” bar
    • Single and multi-speed
    • Quick-Release system
    • Three control types


Suitable for children over 95cm tall through to adults, with mild to severe visual, learning and/or physical disabilities.


    • Tomcat Carer Control™/Carer Braking™ systems
    • Range of foot, leg, pelvis, head and trunk support systems
    • Mitts by Active hands
    • Special supports can be made for third party equipment e.g. oxygen bottles, evacuation pumps
    • Easily reconfigured with different gearing ratio’s, drive systems, braking systems, and control systems – if a rider’s ability is likely to change.
    • Replaceable frame sections are available as the rider grows

We offer the full range of Tomcat Special Needs Trikes

Tomcat Silver Bullet Special Needs Trike in Ireland

The Silver Bullet is a road trike for riders with mild to profound and multiple disabilities and is suitable for teenagers through to adults.

It is an outstandingly versatile 5-speed machine that is ideal for shopping and everyday use, but lightweight, fast, and comfortable enough for sports and leisure too.

Its low sitting posture, differential drive, and rear axle disc braking, make it highly stable when cornering fast or braking hard.

Tomcats superb, “Removable Basket and Carrier” comes as optional extra, and the Silver Bullet can be fully accessorised with foot, leg, trunk and head supports.

Electric Power Assist, Carer Control, Carer Braking and Trailer conversion are optionally available.

It’s easily transportable when the “Two Piece” transportable frame is chosen and it is light enough to be stored on a garage wall – Wow!

Standard Features

    • Fixed Frame
    • 5 speed hub drive
    • Drum front wheel and rear axle braking (single Disc)
    • Incremental (3 pos) adjustment of cranks + incremental adjustment of seat
    • Cranks using telescopic BB and clamp only with set length chains, Seat relocates on cross tubes
    • Adjustable between 58” and 74” user height
    • Differential Drive
    • Park Brake integral to Front Wheel brake conduit
    • Fixed steering column with adjustable offset stem and downhill handlebars
    • Cushion seat and backrest with tilt
    • Front and Rear Lights
    • 140db horn

Check out the full Tomcat Special Needs Trike range

special needs trikes Edinburgh

The Tomcat Trailer Trike – converts to a trailer in seconds

Special needs bikes Northern Ireland Tel 028 92 67 70 77

The Tomcat Trailer Trike converts into a trailer in seconds! Having two different products in one – a trike and a trailer – saves money and space.

It brings the whole family together regardless of any disability!

The Carer Control System gives you peace of mind that your child can enjoy the fun of the outdoors whilst being kept safe!

Enjoy a home assessment or visit our showroom

Gary Allen

Product Specialist
028 92 67 70 77

A little about the inventor – Bob Griffin

Tomcat Special Needs Trikes founder, Bob Griffin, has been a lifelong professional engineer, with many years experience in manufacturing, marine engineering and innovation.

In 1special needs trike scotland Bob Griffin997, Bob met his wife Anne, and her son Thomas who had Angelman’s syndrome, a profound disability, typified by severe learning difficulties, sleep disturbance and poor coordination.

Bob and Tom soon became best friends and Bob looked for ways to help Tom sleep through increasing his exercise. At that time, trikes were considered unsuitable for children like Tom on safety and ability grounds, however Bob invented an entirely new kind of trike called a “Tomcat” which overcame the difficulties that were holding children like Tom back.

Its main feature was “Carer Control” – a rear steering and braking innovation that put the carer in control of every aspect of the child’s safety.

It became Tomcat signature invention, and the industry standard for special needs trike manufacturers worldwide, however, Tomcats patented system remains the gold standard by which all others are judged.

In 2013, Tomcat won the Queens award for Innovation for the 30 plus innovations that Tomcat developed for the disabled community.