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Van Raam Fun2Go three wheel tandem now available from the experts at John Preston Healthcare.

The Fun2Go is equipped with 2 swivel / adjustable seats – easy to transfer on to and can be easily adjusted to the required distance comfortable for the user.

One person steers and both can pedal on the Fun2Go tandem.

You can choose from a wide range of options including frame options, gears, pedal assistance, footrests, handlebars, lighting, seat and much more.

We supply the Fun2Go Tadem to the UK & Ireland and we offer FREE delivery.

Van Raam manufacturer a unique range of special needs bicycles including:

See products and their features below or shop the range of Van Raam bikes on our online store here.

You can call us on 028 92 677 077 and our expert team will be delighted to help.

Van Raam Fun2Go 3 wheel tandem bike






Standard equipment

    • 8 gears
    • Basket
    • Hydraulic rear disk brakes
    • Environmentally friendly paint
    • Parking brake
    • Lock
    • Steering limiter
    • Adjustable seat
    • Lighting
    • Cushion seat


    • No step in, easy to take your seat
    • Comfortabele verstelbare zittingen met rugleuning
    • 1 Person steers, both can pedal
    • Perfect sight and attention on the passenger
    • Many drive systems possible for both the driver and the passenger
    • Very agile, it can rotate around his own axis
    • Best tested
    • Many cycle possibilities
    • Better communication, seats next to each other
    • Easy to use
    • Stable and firm
SKU 352-0000
Inside leg length (adjustable) 75-90 cm
Boarding height None cm
Sitting height (adjustable) 61 cm
Weight Bicycle +/- 69 kg
Max. cycle length 200 cm
Max. cycle width 113 (incl. armrests) cm
Wheel size 20
Brakes Adjustable
Standard color (customizable) Mat Steelblue (RAL5011) / silver
Max. User weight p.p. 120 (adjustable) kg
There are a wide range of options available including frame options, gears, pedal assistance, footrests, handlebars, lighting, seat and much more. Call us today on 028 92 677 077 and our expert team will be delighted to help. 

Video of the Van Raam Fun2Go 3 wheel tandem bike



Van Raam Opair Wheelchair Bike


Van Raam OPair is a wheelchair bike, with which you can transport a wheelchair user.

There is a suspension wheelchair mounted on the front side of thewheelchairbike.

The rider has a good view of and can watch over the passenger from behind.

The front part can easily be disconnected from the cycle part in the detachable variant so that it can be used as an independent wheelchair anywhere.

Built to order and a wide range of accessories and build options are available to suit your specific requriements.

Key Features: 

    • Smooth running
    • Easy to disassemble for transportation
    • Good passenger contact
    • Safe Design
    • modern styling
    • Wide range of accessories
    • Highly Adjustable

Standard equipment: 

    • 8 gears
    • Battery lighting
    • Armrests
    • Lap strap
    • Environmentally friendly paint
    • Hydraulic disc brakes (front side)
    • Independent frame suspension
    • Parking brake
    • Safety lock
    • Finger and spoke guards
Technical Specifications
Item Code 343-0000
Frame size 54 cm
Max. length 197 cm
Max. width 70 cm
Wheel size front 24″
Wheel size back 20″
Brakes Hydraulic disc brakes front
Colour silver
Inside leg length 82 – 96 cm
Step through height back 49 cm

Van Raam Velo Plus Wheelchair Bike





The VeloPlus wheelchair transport bike is designed for transporting people, who can remain seated in their own wheelchair, by cycle.

The passenger is not required to be transferred between the wheelchair and the cycle.

The VeloPlus wheelchair bike is suitable for any wheelchair up to 74 cm in width. The wheelchair can be placed quickly and easily by one person on to the cycle and is therefore, suitable for homes or institutions.

Key Features: 

  • Smooth running
  • Accommodates almost any wheelchair
  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Safe
  • Good contact with passenger
  • Modern design
  • Multiple options
  • Highly Adjustable

 Standard equipment: 

  • 8 gears
  • Battery lighting
  • Hip strap
  • Environmentally friendly paint
  • Hydraulic disc brakes (front) Parking brake
  • Wheelchair lock
  • safety lock
  • Five year guarantee on frame

A wide range of other options are available to choose from and we can even supply bespoke options

Technical Specification

  • Frame size 53 cm
  • Max Length 240 cm
  • Max Width 109 cm
  • Wheel size front 20”
  • Wheel size back 20”
  • Brakes   Hydraulic brakes front, V-brakes rear
  • Colour Silver

Van Raam City Walking Bike

 van-raam-city-walking-bike van-raam-city-walking-bike

The van Raam City walker support is suitable for anyone who experiences difficulty walking or standing for prolonged periods who dont need a wheelchair and would prefer not to use a rollator.

The seat of the City walker takes the weight off your leg joints making walking  almost effortless allowing you to travel for longer.

In addition, the City walking aid is foldable and lightweight so you can take it easily with you in the car, bus or train.

Item Code 332-0000
Frame height 47 cm
Inside leg length 70- 95 cm
Step up height 22 cm
Weight bicycle +/- 9 kg
Max. length 113 cm
Wheel size 12,5″
Brakes Caliper front
Color Ocean green / silver
Max. cycle width 55 cm
Frame height: 70-95cm
Standard including Quick release seatpost, front brake etc.

Our showroom is in Lisburn, Northern Ireland